Trump body slams the liberal media propagandists

Trump slams media

Liberal media attempts to assassinate Donald Trump’s character as a fascist dictator continues to be stuffed down their throats by The Donald himself.

The Donald keeps doing what no Republican has done since Ronald Reagan – he called out the left-wing media for their dishonesty and propaganda.  This is something those of us who watched the media for years came to realize a long time ago.  It’s the reason I stopped watching TV news until FOX came along.  Leftists have dominated the airwaves under Democrats from the beginning of radio and TV during the 20th century when the Left dominated government.

It wasn’t till the Reagan revolution that the silent majority got their voice to speak out over liberal propaganda.  While there have been some courageous individuals who have made revealing the truth like Rush Limbaugh, there haven’t been any Republicans who got any traction.  Liberal media would always steamroller Republicans who didn’t pander to the Left like McCain.  Those who dared to speak the truth like Sen. Ted Cruz were stifled.

But Donald Trump is a different politician who doesn’t adhere to liberal political correctness or succumb to leftist condemnation.  He speaks his mind and endorses what is right in America without apology – and the Left is apoplectic in their impotence.  This is why Trump dominated the primaries and why many conservatives and moderates are ready to jump ship themselves and either not vote or vote Democrat rather than support the only chance they have to save America.

Trump takes no sh*t off media

Rush’s assessment of the press conference Republicans have longed to see

[Author’s note: Two points of interest.  This press conference took place because the leftwing media said Trump “lied” about raising $6m for vets.  He only raised $5.6m so far, but according to the leftwing media that’s equivalent to nothing and they claimed he gave nothing.  (They never ask such things of the Clinton Foundation that has been proven to keep 90% of money they say is for charity.)  The fact is that Republicans always have an adversarial relationship with the liberal media who are going to twist their words while providing cover for Democrats. For example; when Trump said Bill Cristal is stupid for wanting a third party candidate, a liberal reporter said he’s calling ALL Republicans and conservatives stupid.  Trump landed on his face for that lie and it was a beautiful thing to see!]

Trump is the best man for the job

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  1. EIleen says:

    That marine also laid it on the media! Loved that too.


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