Democrat’s Fake News makes Trump’s day, so liberals ban the term


Liberals just started using the term ‘fake news’ to try to smear all the truth being told about Obama and Trump.  But now their own fake news (what has always been called propaganda) just blew up in their faces and The Donald, like Clint Eastwood in “Dirty Harry,” unloaded on their lies to make every America-loving patriot’s day!

When mainstream media outlets that claim to report the news honestly take to copying patently false stories openly as CNN did from Buzzfeed, people notice.  The leftwing media has been sitting on the story that Trump hired hookers to pee on a bed in which the Obama’s had slept for months.  It is so obviously a fake story, as the one about Michelle Obama being a man, that it is hilarious to think that anyone would believe it, but believe it liberal whackos do.  CNN labelled it “unsubstantiated” as they cannot find actual proof because it never happened, yet had the gall to claim they verified the source, Buzzfeed, before running the story they knew to be the false.

But Leftarts don’t need proof.  The Left subsists on deception through implication, innuendo, assumptions, false premises, warping the truth, and outright lies.  America’s misfortune is that half of leftists perpetuate lies and the other half of them are easily duped into believing them.  But while they can get away with it against the wimps in the GOP who work with Democrats, Donald Trump is a man who goes into a fight guns blazing.  When a CNN reporter at the White House was ignored, the man badgered the president-elect in the manner of a snot-nosed child demanding candy.  His two-faced buddies, who four years ago pounced on a reporter who had harassed Obama to answer a question, applauded his “journalistic integrity” and blamed Trump as a whiner.  In response to being outed the NYT has banned the term “fake news” and will go back to surreptitiously promoting propaganda, but we won’t let them forget we know they are fake news.

Why should Trump show respect to media liars trying to destroy him?

How easily they forget (rather deliberately ignore) that Obama has constantly whined about FOX and Rush exposing his lies with the truth.  BO says they stab him in the back and twist the truth of his great achievements like a booming economy and world peace.  Now that there is again a Republican president the leftwing media is going to extremes publishing any and all lies in their attempts to smear Trump.  They say anything and everything to belittle him in the eyes of the people including claiming his cabinet is turning against his announced policies.  But there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s going to clean out the dregs of leftwing corruption.

Democrats and their media say America and the planet will die without Obama.  The guy who just gave Iran uranium to build ten nukes says man-made global warming is the greatest threat to the planet, and young, ignorant snowflakes believe the Earth will be lifeless by the time they grow up.  This is what happens when ignorance meets the movies that promote fairy tales, but make out like they are real.  Democrats act like ObamaCare was the beginning of the only healthcare in the country.  Without it they say Americans will die in the streets.  This kind of dementia is rampant in the leftist mentality.  (There are so many great synonyms for the D party.)  Leftarts say Trump will abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid that he vowed to repair.  Democrats have been stealing from SS since ’68 and began stealing from Medicare with the advent of their new ObamaCare tax.  Their demagogic fear-mongering is for their ignorant constituents.

Hope is dead in their dysfunctional dystopian universe and it dies with the replacement of their demi-god savior who wanted to transform America into a socialist dictatorship.  In his final days Barack Hussein gives America, her allies like Israel, and the free world a few last stabs in the back; a fitting epitaph for America’s descent into the Dark Side by electing a Moslem to be president because he’s black.  This is what America gets for not educating her young to recognize a pathological liar, for not teaching them to investigate the facts and critically examine both sides of any story, and for not watching out for leftwing America –haters infiltrating our society to corrupt people’s minds and indoctrinate our youth into their lies.  Watch the hands, not the mouth is the saying when it comes to trust.  Don’t listen to what they say, but watch what they do.  Obama always blames his failures on others, takes credit for their success, and says he made America prosperous and post-racial while people wallow in poverty and racism is reaching a fever pitch.

The difference between the Right and Left is that the Right uses to the truth against leftist lies, while the Left uses lies to beat down the righteous truth.  What happens in the public forums is that the half of people on the left lack the moral compass to be able to tell the difference.  The other side consists of people half of whom know the truth and the other half have the light coming on as they come to recognize the lies and turn away from the Dark Side.  George Lucas thought he was teaching Democrats how Republicans are duped by lies when he made his second Star Wars trilogy about Anakin Skywalker’s fall into darkness.  But he only made an example of how he and his fellow Follywood liberal fools have been duped by Democrats.

How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

The party of slavery, the KKK, oppression, socialist dictatorship, and their frauds of social justice, global warming, Islam is peace, and globalism are being exposed to the light by Donald Trump who cowers before no one.  Trump is showing the GOP how to be men fearless in the face of their enemies and knows that half the GOP, like Sen. McCain who helped promote the prostitute story, are traitors allied with the Democrats.  The Washington Establishment wants no part of Trump overturning the sandbox and derailing their gravy train they enjoy while pitting the America people against one another over their leftist lies.  Their campaign to smear him will be relentless and unending, which is why Trump takes to Twitter and Facebook to inform the public directly because he knows the MSM is nothing but a leftist Democrat propaganda machine.  This is how and why the Democrat fake news will be overcome and the people educated to the truth about America.

Obama’s farewell a delusional deception for dysfunctional Democrat dupes

The entire Democrat Party is betraying America

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2 Responses to Democrat’s Fake News makes Trump’s day, so liberals ban the term

  1. joannhaskins55 says:

    Just as Jill Stein’s “vote recount” was beginning to show that Trump – not Hillary Antoinette – had even more votes than was originally reported, they ran into the same snag with this “fake news” crap. The plan was to expose Fox News and Rush as the purveyors of nothing but lies and rumors about Dems, but as usual, another of their “brilliant” ideas blew up in their faces and instead was exposing who the real liars are. So that plan had to go the way of the voter recount.


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