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Shining the light on the phony reality of Obamaism

“If I listened to FOX News, I wouldn’t vote for me either.” – Barack Obama That’s because you would then be informed rather than deceived.  What Obama is saying is that if it were not for FOX News and Rush … Continue reading

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Liberal fact checks are fairy tales

Liberals facts are only facts to those who believe the distortions and lies they’ve been told without examining them to find the truth. Hillary keeps telling people to fact check Trump’s statements.  Except what liberals believe to be true facts … Continue reading

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Truth trumps lies as liberals lie about Trump’s truth

Liberals are terrified that Trump will reverse Obamaism and the progress the Left has made in destroying America and remaking it into their socialist hell. In the last days before the election the Left is going nuclear to smear Trump … Continue reading

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Next presidential debate another forum for Hillary

The Democrat media will continue its efforts to smear Trump while covering up Hillary’s crimes.  The Chicago press was equally known for its infamous sycophantic glorification of Al Capone.  The Clinton’s and Capone have equivalent histories of corruption, thefts, and … Continue reading

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Trump’s lies and Hillary cries

Hillary says Trump is a liar and you need to get his record straight! Leftists say Trump lies 85% of the time, but to them Trump is lying if he says he is not a racist, which he has never … Continue reading

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