Democrat Media Wins the Gold Medal in Yellow Journalism

Courage in Journalism

The only fearless reporting happening in the media today is almost solely at conservative blogs as even FOX News is put under government’s thumb.

If Yellow Journalism were an Olympic event then CNN will have already taken the Gold Medal.  The Democrat media has unmasked themselves in order to engage in trashing Trump 24/7, while hiding Hillary’s corruption and illegal actions.  It has become so blatant that some in the media are attempting to maintain their pretense that they are “journalists” by lamenting the fact that “Trump is so bad” that they believe Americans need them to save the country from him.

But the fact is, for those of us who watch what they say and see what goes on and who understand how they twist facts to sway the opinions of the small-minded, the Leftwingnut media abandoned journalism decades ago.  Liberal kooks, criminals, and foreigners have become the mainstream ideal in Obama’s America, while morality and responsibility have become the values of “extremist haters” of which the nation “must be cleansed” by the Nazi Left.

The Leftwingnut media deludes themselves if they believe that anyone sees them as objective.  They tell their followers not to listen to FOX News or Rush Limbaugh lest they be exposed to the truth and, by a miracle, become enlightened.  Instead, they must imprint upon the shallow minds of liberals that everything Trump says is a lie and everything Hillary and Obama say is true, and that Trump is just out for personal greed, while Hillary and Obama are altruistic saints.

Hannity calls out CNN coverage as ‘kissing Hillary’s a** every day’

Democrat media goes NUCLEAR on Trump

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