The Liberal ‘Woke’ are Broke

Democrats blame Republicans for homelessness in Democrat run cities and states.  Democrats keep saying, “We need a system that works for everyone.”  But everyone does not want to work.  America is designed to allow those who work hardest and smartest to prosper from their own labor.  Leftists don’t see that as an opportunity to work for prosperity but to take from those who make.  Americans are not suffering from poverty.  Our poor live better than 90% of the world.  Social liberals are not ‘woke’ to the realities of life or how the world works.  They have been broken by leftist propaganda to believe in what is false.

Countering the bullying arguments of leftist passive aggressive false premises

Leftist’s gross misunderstanding of socialism

The homeless crisis was not created by Trump’s tax cuts that leftists tell ignorant liberals caused “gentrification” in which rich people made property too expensive to afford.  Working people don’t live in homelessness.  Democrat’s sanctuary states and cities are attracting the homeless, druggies, deadbeats, and invading Latino-communists with which they hope to overwhelm citizens at election polls.  They are here illegally, so why not let them vote illegally?  Democrats are now promoting communism openly rather than by stealth and deception.

When asked about Castro’s dictatorship, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo said, “What is the point of this communist regime if it is not to truly make everyone equal, not at the lowest level, not by demoralizing everyone, but lifting everyone up.”  (He thinks, ‘when are these communists gonna learn? Communism is about upward mobility and equality and prosperity for everybody.’  In whose delusions is that?  He’s describing how America’s capitalist republic that he curses makes everyone’s lives better, not the Cuban communism he admires!)

When asked about Xi Jinping’s dictatorship, Michael Bloomberg said, “No. He has a constituency to answer to. No government survives without the will of the majority of its people.”  (In whose delusional world do socialist dictators have ‘constituents?’  Since when have dictators ever answered to the people?  China has only become prosperous by conducting trade with the USA, but it is still a totalitarian regime whose only prosperous members are those that serve at the top of the party.  America only became wealthy by trading with nations, not by dominating them, and China is just one of many shining examples of how trade makes everyone richer.  That does not, however, obviate communist’s desire to conquer and rule.)

The false premise of leftism is their dysfunctional understanding of how the world works.  They don’t even understand communism and capitalism.  They promote socialism as benevolent when it killed two hundred million people in the 20th century and impoverished a billion others.  They look at the prosperity that America has created as a capitalist republic and believe it to be the product of theft.  What nation has America ever conquered and enslaved the way communists have?  The answer for those who are too ignorant to know is none, while socialism’s entire history is built on slavery.  It is not ignorance to believe they are opposites of their historical reality – it is stupidity.

Being the richest nation in the world, even America’s poor are spoiled by luxuries.  They have free cellphones, free cable, and free computers.  These are luxuries that you don’t need to live.  Yes, they cost money for working taxpayers, but Democrats like Obama give these away for free using taxpayer dollars for which people worked.  They also give away free housing, free food, and free drugs, and free transportation to rich areas to commit robberies.  In history, only the rich ever got fat, usually not obese and never morbidly obese.  In America, our poor are fat are not only fat, but many people become obese and morbidly obese.

Democrats keep saying the rich don’t pay enough in taxes.  But they are the ones who wrote the tax “loopholes” into the laws for their rich donors.  And when they really do tax the rich then jobs dry up because jobs are created by people who want to become rich.  There are only two ways to make money; work a trade providing goods and services or steal it from others thus making them your slaves.  Leftists don’t like to work or pay their employees.  They prefer to take and then blame their crimes on Republicans.  It has always been so since the Founding when Democrats demanded the Constitution not abolish slavery.  Now they blame Republicans, the people who freed the slaves, for the slavery that Democrats continue to institute.

The fundamental characteristics of liberalism begins in childhood

Social Liberalism – the morality of selfishness to control others that leads to liberal fascism in 21st century America.

Social liberalism is the ideology of self-righteous, hypocritical, two-faced control freaks who are only concerned with their own selfish needs.  There is nothing sociable about it.  Adding the word ‘social’ to something does not make it about community, family, or socialism (like Social Security).  The narrow-minded thinking of liberals is the result of their dire lack of education.  Because they have been indoctrinated rather than educated, they suffer from the misguidance of leftists to believe what they are told rather than learning for themselves what is true, what is lies, what is fact, and what is fiction.

This lack of education is what leads liberals to their erroneous beliefs.  When you have no foundation in facts, no understanding of truth, no knowledge of history, then you are easily misled by deceivers.  Liberals don’t know basic facts about America and so are simply duped by leftist lies.  For example, they don’t know that Democrats instituted slavery in America, that Lincoln was a Republican, that Democrats created the KKK when Republicans took their slaves away, or that they lured their slaves back with promises of freebies and have been plotting how to enslave the nation through socialism ever since.

Righteousness is about being considerate of others.  Leftism is about controlling others.  Social liberalism isn’t about being free.  It’s about imposing their fascist ideology of two-faced control on others.  No one has to teach a child to be selfish.  We must teach them to be considerate.  No one has to teach a child to take from others.  We must teach them to share.  Liberals have not been taught righteous morality.  Instead they have been taught disdain for authority.  They have been taught to embrace selfish ignorance.

Because they have not been taught even the simple lessons of nursery rhymes like “Chicken Little” and the “Boy Who Cried Wolf,” liberals easily fall for deceptions over that of which they are ignorant to be corrupted.  They believe the world will start ending in tens years because that’s what Democrats have said every ten years for the last fifty years.  They believe Democrats are for the poor and Republicans are for the rich when Democrats are the richest members of Congress.  They believe Republicans are Klansmen Nazis because the people who are them say so.  They believe Christians are bigots and Islam is peace.  They believe stealing from the rich is how Democrats become prosperous.  That’s not how the people become prosperous, but how Democrat politicians do it.  They believe Republicans steal from the poor.  Again, that’s how Democrat politicians do it.

Abortion, glorifying criminals, justifying crimes, and promoting welfare queens are how Democrats keep blacks enslaved.  They teach them greed, envy, fear, and hate, make them dependent on drugs, then lock them up when they become violent or just violate the laws that they made for that very purpose to keep them slaves dependent on Democrats.

Praising Criminals, Condemning Heroes – the heart of Liberal Fascism

Corrupt city people condemn country folk as corrupt

Understanding morality takes more than love.  Would you protect your child, your family?  Would you fight to protect them?  Would you die to protect them?  Would you kill to protect them?  Would you steal for them?  Would you commit murder for them?  Moral people, like heroes, are not born, they’re made.  No one comes out of the womb knowing right from wrong ready to achieve greatness.  Understanding at what point morality becomes twisted is vital to leading a moral life.  Killing in self-defense is moral while murder is not.  In leftist’s world, killing in self-defense is murder.

Even stories like “David and Goliath,” David is God’s chosen because he is devoutly moral, but he must act to achieve by doing what is righteous.  When David turns from the path, the Lord leaves him to suffer the consequences of his immoral actions.  People who only understand good and bad without understanding right and wrong make immoral choices just because they think it is good.  Stealing and voter fraud to get what they want doesn’t make them moral or right just because they justify their crimes by casting others as immoral.  For them to say God is on their side is the height of hypocrisy.

Donald Trump has done nothing illegal, unethical, or immoral in becoming president, yet they slander him as a criminal and a traitor.  Unlike Democrats like Biden, who spent his vice presidency violating the Emoluments Clause by accepting bribes from foreign companies to put his sons on the boards of corporations in which they contributed nothing is public knowledge, and then extorting them not to investigate his corruption is a case study in Democrat corruption.  It’s not just him.  They all do it!

Democrats will never stop trying to smear Trump as being what they themselves are.  Anyone advising Trump to wait until they are finished with their persecution before he prosecutes them so that they can’t claim he is doing it as a “distraction from his own guilt” is lying to him.  For that reason, they will never stop!  Mr. President, drop the hammer of justice and let the axe fall!

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2 Responses to The Liberal ‘Woke’ are Broke

  1. eldredg says:

    3 mins ·

    See the ‘toon near the end. “I heard there are 58 genders now? Is that true” Reply: ” No, there are 2 genders and 56 new mental disorders” Quote from post: “Our poor live better than 90% of the world. ” My comment: “But the leftist spew floods media with no sign of ending. Sad that so much of society swallows the spew and vomits it out! Disgusting!”


  2. eldredg says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”? Yea, those liberals have to filter out common sense, conservative beliefs , morality and Christian views. Way to go demons!


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