Who Did It – Trump or Obama/Biden?

These vitally important events of the last ten years exhibit who is corrupt and who is working for the American people.

  1. Who gave Ukraine weapons to fight the Russian invasion?
  2. Who took a bribe from Ukraine allowing his son to be on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian corporation despite having no idea what they do?
  3. Who extorted the government not to investigate said corruption?
  4. Who promised Putin that he would be more flexible after his election in disarming American nukes?
  5. Who killed over a hundred Russian fighters in Syria?
  6. Who allowed the Islamic State to grow into a regional power?
  7. Who destroyed the Islamic State in just six months?
  8. Who funded the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow governments throughout the Middle East with American taxpayer money?
  9. Who choked the American economy?
  10. Who raised taxes on the middle class higher than at any time in history outside of war?
  11. Who lifted illegal executive regulations to allow the economy to boom?
  12. Who made conditions for record low unemployment for blacks and Hispanics?
  13. Who deported millions of illegal aliens and stemmed the flow of illegal border crossings?


  1. Under Clinton, Ukraine agreed to eliminate all weapons of war and exist under the protection of the United States and NATO.  When Russia invaded to take the Crimean Peninsula away from them, Obama sent them medical supplies, food, and blankets rather than tanks, planes, troops, or weapons.  President Trump sent them weapons with which to destroy Russia tanks and planes and kill their invading troops.
  2. He took the bribe from Ukraine in getting his son a job with one of their corrupt corporations paying him a million dollars a year in a country where the average income is a thousand dollars a year.  (And Democrats say they are not for the uber wealthy but for fair wages.)  They say Trump wanted a bribe of information about Biden’s corruption.  If Biden is innocent, then of what value is such information?
  3. He even bragged about it on television that he had a corruption investigator fired for going after his son’s company.  Saying that the prosecutor was the one who was corrupt is typical Democrat projection to create a façade for their corruption.
  4. He promised Russia’s ambassador on an open mike to be more flexible for Vladimir in the future as they talked about the U.S. disarming her nukes.  He did nothing to assist Ukraine that had disarmed to rely on the USA for their defense when they were invaded by Russia (part of his being “flexible for Vlad”).
  5. While Obama assisted ISIS in creating the Islamic State by funding the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Middle Eastern governments, he also stood back as Russia sent troops to keep Assad in power.
  6. How many times must it be pointed out that Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House, funded them to the tune of billions of American taxpayer dollars, and assisted them in creating the Islamic State to overthrow governments and recreate the Caliphate?
  7. Obama’s three year faux bombing campaign did nothing to stem their expansion.  Trump bombed them out of existence in just six months.
  8. What does it take for people to see through the façade that Obama worked relentlessly to assist Islamic expansion at the expense of Christians in the West?
  9. He convinced millions of dupes that America was and should be in decline for stealing prosperity from the world when America is what has helped make the world prosperous through trade?
  10. With his ObamaCare fraud that was only designed to destroy the healthcare insurance industry, Obama raised taxes on the Middle Class higher than it had ever been raised except in wartime.
  11. The only way in which Obama can claim credit for the huge economic boom of the Trump economy is if he takes credit for choking it down to be 1% growth as the new normal. Trump trashing Obama’s regulations lifted the Democrat’s boot off the throats of businesses allowing them to grow and prosper once again.
  12. His open economy has made American businesses a boon to all Americans, not just rich white people.
  13. He is actually exercising American law by building a fence and blocking drug and human traffickers and those who would steal American jobs by entering the country illegally. Only Democrats who want to import those drugs and welfare voter slaves object.

Liberals are oblivious when it comes to the actions of their Democrat leaders.  They listen to the lies they are told and believe them without paying attention to what they actually do.  How else can you explain Obama actively assisting Islam against Christianity, yet they believe him to be a Christian when he is clearly a Moslem?  Did they bother to read his book to learn he is a Moslem communist?  As Forrest and Larry say, “Stupid is as stupid does,” and “You can’t fix stupid.”  But if you can keep them from cheating at the polls then you can vote them out!

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