Democrat’s Schiff Show

Democrats dropped a huge bomb on Trump in their impeachment hearings alright.  That bomb is the big ol’ stinky turd Schiff plopped from his chair.  The big news stories of the day all have nothing to do with getting rid of President Donald Trump.  This piddly beginning to Democrat’s taking down a president they’ve been struggling to overthrow for three years now is another proof of how vacuous and hateful the left is in all things.

The Schiff Has Hit the Fan

Responding to Democrat’s star witnesses Taylor and Kent, Rep. Jim Jordan said, “Look, so here’s what I’ve picked up today. Four people are saying five different things in six different conversations, and that gave you your clear understanding?”

Rep. John Ratcliffe asked the star witnesses, “Could either of you two guys identify the impeachable offense?”  Their response was dead silence.  When Schiff tried to interject, Taylor finally responded, “I just want to remind everybody, I’m not here for that. I don’t know. I am not interested in partisanship or the outcome.”  So, why are they there?  Kent says he’s there saying, “I am a 16-year expert in anti-corruption and rule-of-law issues.”  WTF is that?  Isn’t that what every lawyer and judge and government official in the country is supposed to be?  Apparently, Democrats don’t understand that as they lead the nation in corruption and corrupt judges concealing their crimes.

This Schiff show has revealed that Democrats are absolute schiffheads believing they could make their impeachment inquiry public and prove why anyone should be supporting their vendetta against Trump for winning the election.  Their actions all say that they despise the country, that they hold half the people in contempt, and that there is no sewer too deep for them in which to wallow.  The Democrat media can spin this like a centrifuge in an effort to glean one particle by which to dangle a shiny object in front of their liberal lemmings.  The only way Democrats can win the next election is to abolish any semblance of legitimate voting.

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