Charge Schiff with Conspiracy and Biden with Bribery and Extortion

Testimony at Democrat’s Impeachment Inquiry of President Trump has taken a dark turn for them.  Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony in public elicited many improprieties that amount to criminal espionage and conspiracy on the part of himself, the so-called whistleblower, and Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff.  Vindman’s testimony is based on his being an aide expert on Ukraine.  Yet the doofus claims he knows nothing of VP Biden taking bribes in the form of his son being given a million dollar a year job in a Ukranian corporation about which he knew nothing, and then his father extorting Ukraine to fire a prosecutor that was investigating corruption in that company.

The Lt. Col. professes no knowledge of this despite serving in Ukraine during the Obama administration, and says he didn’t see Biden bragging about this at the Foreign Affairs Council.  From there it gets worse.  He was asked who he told about the phone call between Trump and Ukraine.  His reply was two people.  After he named the first, Schiff, who has avowed that he doesn’t know the name of the whistleblower/leaker, shut down the line of questioning.  Schiff, who clearly does know the leaker’s name and has had intimate contact with him since his own staff leaked the name last week identifying him as Eric Ciaramella, a CIA agent, is engaging in a conspiracy against the President of the United States.

Democrat’s attempt to slander Trump as bribing or extorting the Ukrainian president to create dirt on Biden is a bald-faced hoax.  The opinions of a pack of Obamaites that Trump dismissed from his service is of no consequence to Americans.  Their claim that Trump withheld vital assistance from Ukraine is belied by the fact that the Ukranians said they had no idea any assistance was even delayed.  President Trump has given them military weapons with which to fight the Russian invasion – something that Obama denied them for eight years.

The claim that Trump wanted “dirt on a political rival” is Democrats once again projecting what they have actually done on to Republicans.  Hillary got Ukraine to create dirt on Trump in the form of the bogus Steele Dossier that she and Obama then used to illegally obtain FISA warrants by which to spy on Trump.  Everything for which Democrats are trying to impeach Trump are crimes they themselves actually committed.  This is how they plan to obstruct AG Barr, IG Durham, and Trump’s attorney Giuliani if and when they bring charges against them for their crimes.  They will just call it revenge when it will actually be Trump avenging the Democrat’s slandering of his honor.

Lying thieves always accuse their accusers of being liars to conceal their own crimes by distracting people with false accusations.  Democrats accuse Trump of bribery and extortion that Biden did.  They accuse Trump of denying Ukraine support that Obama did.  And they say Trump tried to make up dirt on a political rival which Hillary did.  Liberals are just dupes that believe what they are told and do as they are told.  Intelligent people examine all the facts and don’t get distracted by lying thieves.  The leftwing media keeps saying Trump has an uncomfortable relationship with the truth.  This coming from people who have an intimate relationship with fiction.

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[Author’s Note: Schiff slanders Trump as putting his personal interests over national security by claiming Trump denied necessary military aid to Ukraine to force them to “dig up dirt” on Biden.  This meme works only for the most ignorant of liberals who are oblivious to Obama denying Ukraine military aid for eight years during the Russian invasion, and Biden extorting Ukraine to not investigate his son’s corruption.  Where was this concern about Russia during Obama’s 2012 campaign?

The president has every right to institute his own foreign policy.  These people answer to him!  He also has the absolute right to investigate corruption by Americans just as he has the absolute right, as guaranteed by the Constitution, to confront his accuser.  Democrats are openly violating the law.  Schiff, Vindman, and this leaker are conducting a conspiracy to undermine and sabotage the President of the United States – Vindman’s Commander-in-Chief whose lawful orders he has sworn to uphold.

Schiff’s “protection” of the “whistleblower’s” identify is not in keeping with legal statutes as he claims.  He lies when he says this person has an absolute right to anonymity or that he would be in danger if Trump knew who he was.  Where were congresspeople outing Obama when he was stealing American taxpayer dollars through Democrat’s Continuing Resolutions rather than asking for congressional approval to allocate funds to foreign governments?  Republicans rightfully ask where were the “whistleblowers” when Obama was funding the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic jihadi terror state?  Where were they when Obama sent $1.5B in cash to Iran?  Democrats keep saying even the president is not above the law?  Why, then, are Democrat members of Congress above the law?]

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1 Response to Charge Schiff with Conspiracy and Biden with Bribery and Extortion

  1. Radman414 says:

    It was another exceedingly boring day “under the tent” at the “kangaroo court” impeachment yesterday. The only interesting part involved some recent history of corruption and corrupt actors in the Ukraine and some information-leaking bureaucrats. However, there was literally nothing in the testimony that touched on anything resembling an impeachable offense by President Trump…no “quid pro quo,” no extortion and no bribery…precisely the crimes that the former VP, Joe Biden, BRAGGED about — twisting the arm of the Ukrainian president at the time, threatening to halt a $1 billion loan guarantee from the U. S. if a certain Ukrainian prosecutor who was looking into corruption at Burisma Holdings was not fired within 6 hours.

    Dems have perfected the art of “projecting” their exceedingly bad behavior on Republicans; but in this case, it’s falling flat; and Adam “Schiff-for-brains” (and “Nutcase Nancy,” by extension) are looking like total fools!

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