Trump is wrong; Obama not ‘founder’ of ISIS, but the ‘Father’ of ISIS

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Obama is the Father of ISIS and the New Jihad!

Of course Obama did not “found” the radical Islamist group of Sharia jihadis who are rampaging across the Middle East slaughtering Christians, gays, and any Moslem they consider apostates.  That group has a leader who founded and leads them.  But it’s not Trump’s fault they exist anymore than it is President George W. Bush’s fault they popped up and took over most of Iraq, Syria, Libya, and other places.

The fault lies 100% on the shoulders of Obama.  It is not correct to call him the “Founder of ISIS,” but it is 1000% correct to call him the “Father of ISIS.”  It was Obama whose foreign policy was to;

  • weaken American influence in the Middle East
  • assist the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow governments
  • bomb the Libyan government to allow insurgents to overthrow it
  • give arms to Syrian rebels to attempt to overthrow their government
  • aid the Muslim Brotherhood in establishing Sharia in Egypt
  • aid all other Muslim Brotherhood endeavors throughout the Middle East
  • withdraw all American troops from the region
  • take punitive measures to counteract ISIS
  • give Iran the lead in fighting in Iraq
  • open Iran’s frozen bank accounts to give them billions
  • make a pretense of stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons
  • pay Iran hundreds of millions for a few of their own citizens taken hostage
  • forced European allies to accept millions of jihadi “refugees”
  • demand America accept and pay for more millions of “refugee” immigrants
  • commit the Islamization of Europe and America

No, Obama is not the founder of ISIS, but he is the father of the New Jihad!  Wielding the power of the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World, Obama has used his power to bring America down, reduce her military and economy, and force her allies to submit to Islamic invasion.  Of course, he says he’s making the world a better place and the leftwingnut media bows and prays for his beneficence be inflicted on the world as the Great Barack, peace by upon him!

Hillary just a continuation of Obama’s twisted ideology

Meanwhile, on the home front, Hillary and the leftwingnut media have not only gone to extremes, but actually become psychotic trying to paint Trump as the greedy, insane racist in the campaign while covering up Hillary’s crimes.  Hillary and the Democrats are trying to make Trump out to be the next Hitler, a racist that must be eliminated before the he creates the next Holocaust.  The all cry that Trump threatened Hillary with gun violence by saying 2nd Amendment people will object to her appointing a Supreme Court Justice to take away guns from citizens, but it is leftists who are calling for someone to assassinate Trump!

You will never hear Democrats say take guns away from criminals, but you will hear them, and have seen them go so far as to make movies actually depicting the assassination of President Bush.  Now their target is Trump, and even some Follywood fools like Will Smith said, “The United States should be cleansed of Trump and his supporters.”  As Rush Limbaugh asked, “How do you do that?”

Once again it is the Left that plots to destroy people as the Left is the birthplace of Nazism, Communism, Fascism, and Islamism.  They start by disarming the populace and then comes the “re-education camps.”  Hillary says she has a plan to save the American economy that she apparently hasn’t shared with Obama in eight years!  She says she will make the largest investment in job creation since WWII!  How does Hillary plan on “investing” in the economy?  Translation – take more taxes!  And at the same time leftwingnut Democrats will launch their new America under the boot of Islamo-Nazi Communist tyranny and make the taxpayers and citizens pay for opposing her and her Democrat cronies.

Trump explains his ‘Obama founded ISIS’ remark as ‘sarcasm’

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