Liberalism in Two Words – Arrogant Ignorance

“America must become a socialist state to save the planet.” – Liberal tenet.

It is the arrogance born of ignorance in liberalism that leads young people to believe they know everything when they know nothing, and that they have power over the Earth when they have none.  It is the arrogance born of ignorance in liberalism that leads young people to believe what they are told without ever examining all the facts or exercising critical thinking.  It is the arrogance born of ignorance in liberalism that leads young people to believe they are morally superior when they have no moral education.  Leftists fosters these misapprehensions by feeding the egos of ignorant arrogant Millennials to believe they have the answers even as they dupe them into believing that what is wrong is what is right.

Standard leftist media modus operandi is to smear Trump as wrong regardless of his decision in order to poison people’s minds against him.  Had he made the retaliatory strike on Iraq they would have labelled him a warmonger.  Choosing to delay the attack they label him an indecisive wimp.  There are two kinds of news in the United States; rightwing news that discusses the war of words over the policy differences between Democrats and Republicans to determine which is right and which is wrong, and leftwing media that spins the facts to slander Republican’s words and policies in order to always portray them as the ones in the wrong.

Reality is the opposite of what leftwing media teaches – that everything rightwing media says is a lie.  They do this in order to present their fake news of Republicanism being evil racist Nazism with no one on their networks pointing out how their lies are obvious.  It’s their demonization tactics, criminalizing and dehumanizing Christian conservatives.  Democrats never win debates in the arena of ideas.  They always resort to lies and smears of righteous speech calling it hate speech, racism, and fascism, convincing the ignorant to be too arrogant to listen to the truth so they remain deceived.

Just because it’s not leftist doesn’t mean it’s false

Harvard professor says pro-life Christians should be treated like Nazis

Media scrambles to cover up AOC’s lies about Holocaust

The arrogant ignorance of liberals is quantified in their ideology of communist bigotry believing they are right when they don’t know what they don’t know but conservatives do.  Democrats create the problems that Americans face making their lives worse and then blame Republicans for them.  They think they know how to use science to “fix” global warming when they not only don’t know how climate works, they can’t figure out how many sexes there are of human beings.  They invent traumas and challenges while they text on Twitter believing they are fighting to save the planet from climate change by slandering and shutting down free speech to promote their ideology.  Liberals are lost and Democrats are misleading them to their own destruction.

“Fight for Socialism” – the words on a liberal protester’s sign

Substitute the words that are more descriptive of socialism and you see just how ignorant and arrogant liberals are to believe they are fighting for what’s right.  Let them hold up a sign that says, “Fight for –;”

  • Communism
  • Fascism
  • Nazism
  • Islamism
  • Imperialism

All of these ideologies share a common ideal in their socialist values; elitist rule over the masses who are the peasantry that serves them.  Leftists always call the righteous tyrants trying to dupe the ignorant, and only the arrogant believe they know what is right when they disregard half the facts.  Having some of the facts does not make one right.  To be right requires all the facts leading to a morally right decision.

How the arrogance of liberal ignorance is fostered

Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  They are told erroneous facts to lead them to erroneous conclusions.  Take the change in the Republican Party moving their majority from the North to the South.  This was simply the result of Yankees moving south during the Reagan years because they were sick of Democrat-controlled unions undermining businesses.  They moved to the South where those corrupt unions had no power to take advantage of the right to work labor laws.  What this has to do with slavery and racism is the opposite of what Democrats say.  This was not “greedy corporations” avoiding wages but wise businessmen avoiding high Democrat taxes and union graft.

Unions began under Republicans to aid employees being abused by greedy employers.  Contrary to Democrat propaganda, Republicans are not the servants of corporations but are the party that initiated monopoly laws and union protections.  Just as they fought to free the slaves in the South, they fought to free the corporate slaves in the North.  But over the years, gangsters from crime families slowly infiltrated and took control of these unions to make them fronts for Democrat fundraising in which they used union dues to fund Democrats.  Democrats repaid them by forcing taxes and regulations on their competition.  This corporate corruption is what happens when criminals take charge of government by duping people into voting for benefits for themselves.  This is how Democrats use democracy to corrupt the electorate.

Democrats have ever been the ideology of government rule from the Founding to today.  They refused to join the Revolution unless slavery was not abolished in the Constitution and then fought a war to keep their slaves.  Yankees didn’t suddenly become “enlightened” to embrace the Democrat Party.  Red necks didn’t suddenly embrace Republicanism after a hundred years of declaring, “The South will rise again!”  The rise of the South has nothing to do with voting Republican.  The same people who made Jim Crow laws embracing oppression in the 1900s are the same people running the Democrat Party today as Joe Biden proved when he announced two segregationists were his good friends.

Biden is being lambasted for saying he supported them, and leftist media tried to provide him cover by claiming they were Republicans.  The only change in the Democrat Party of today is that much of it has swapped their anti-black racism for anti-white racism.  The change in American education has resulted in Democrat media being able to create lies by claiming segregation and Jim Crow laws were made by Republicans.  They’ve even convinced some that Lincoln was a Democrat.  Only the most ignorant of people do not know that Democrats endorsed slavery and black oppression while Republicans have always fought against their bigotry.  Today they have been duped into believing the opposite to be true.

The media, with the help of indoctrination by liberal communists in schools, have warped the minds of many by poisoning the well of knowledge.  They portray Trump as evil and stupid by damning him for everything he does or doesn’t do.  Nothing he says or does is every portrayed positively by the negative leftwing media.  For example, Donald Trump has had to deal with Iranian aggression that’s been occurring the last few weeks after they were visited by Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry.  Do any in the leftwing media question what Kerry did to set them off?  Trump’s measured response was the action of an intelligent leader that the left immediately characterized as proof of indecision to smear him.

The two-faced ideology of leftism is easily seen in how they portray identical actions by Democrat and Republican presidents.  When Clinton bombed other countries, it was good fighting for freedom, but when Bush did it, it was bad corporations fighting for greed.  When Obama bombed other countries is was good, but when Trump does it, it is bad.  When Clinton detained and deported illegal aliens, it was good, but when Bush did it, it was bad.  When Obama detained and deported illegal aliens, it was good, but when Trump does it, it is bad.  See a pattern yet?

Climate change is the same with leftist media saying science proves that mankind’s CO2 pollution is causing it claiming that 97% of scientists agree.  Scientists who are not Democrats know that no such thing is occurring because climate change is all dependent on solar output.  The Sun is a stable, not a static source of heat for the planet and it changes.  If mankind had the power to change the climate, then what do they propose mankind does that all countries will follow?  Their only solution to date has been for the United States alone to reduce their economy by stopping the use of energy and embrace communism like China and India.  If the people want to live as destitute as the lower classes that are the vast populations of those countries, then they are welcome to live there rather than here.

Much of the nation cannot have the wool pulled so easily over their eyes.  Bush and Trump remained popular despite media poisoning the polls, while Clinton and Obama both became unpopular despite the sycophantic media groveling over them.  It has been proposed that the media is running the Democrat Party.  But the real question then is, who is running the media?  They all talk the same, use the same words, and support the same leftist anti-American agenda.  Someone, or some group, is pulling the strings in an effort to bring down America and remake this nation as just another failing socialist state in the global regime.

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3 Responses to Liberalism in Two Words – Arrogant Ignorance

  1. Michael Ilasi says:

    Wow what an ignorant screed. I mean i have read some garbage in my life but this is amazing. You claim to be ‘educated’ when clearly you are nothing but a right wing shill who lacks education and knowledge.
    You seriously need to get some counseling dude. I hope you get well.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Wow, Michael, what an ignorant screed. You clearly think you know everything about everything and don’t have to explain even one thing that I said that you think is wrong and offer what you believe to be right. You just have to say I’m the ignorant one and the rest of us read your lame condemnations and laugh at your arrogant ignorance. You’re obviously exactly what I’m talking about when all you have to offer is the hate fed to you by the poison of the leftwing media. DUH!


  2. Mrs. H. says:

    Great insight and your writing is very concise and sums up the mindset of the socialist. This type of mindset has the corner on projection and gaslighting – Over one year since you first posted this dissertation and I just happened upon it. One thing that may give people hope is that the arrogant assumption of the left that we will not notice what they are trying to pull – works for us. My dad always said, “If people think you are dumb you have one up on them.” There are many democrats disenchanted with the new socialist party and also (black) Americans that are tired of the pandering and arrogant assumptions as well. Banking on ALL (most) Americans to VOTE and include the entire ticket. Term limits would have avoided all of this – but that’s another story.
    Thanks again for providing another place for thinking Americans to visit in these times of a vast propagandizing liberal media!

    Mrs. H.
    Georgia, USA


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