Republ-I-can-ism vs. DemocRATic Socialism

If you think Trump Republicans are racist, then you are a racist

You can’t spell leftists or liberals without l-i-e-s.  Leftists are known for the lies they tell, while liberals are known for the lies they believe.  President Trump has exposed Obama’s Democrat Party for the Communists they are as they strive to tell the people that they are the party who will steal from the rich for them.  Democrats vow to give a leg up to every criminal in the country even as they invite every lawbreaker in the world to come to America to receive free benefits from Democrats at taxpayer expense.  Using Alinsky tactics taken from Mein Kampf they send their own terrorists out to kill under the guise of their enemies in order to smear them in the eyes of the ignorant.

The Myth of Obama who led America into decline

Obama constantly said America was never great, that her decline is the “new normal,” that there “was never a hint of scandal” in his administration, and that he was “absolutely transparent.”  Now we have seen these lies exposed by Trump who is everything Obama always claimed to be but was not.  Of those who are incapable of seeing this one must ask just how far up their rectums do their heads have to be to not see how Donald Trump is open and honestly making America great again while all Democrats have nothing to offer except liars, cheats, invaders, and debt slavery?

I Love What’s Happening to the Democrat Party Right Now

How Come Democrats Attacking Obama Isn’t Considered Racist?

The corrupt rich among Democrats corrupt their poor by breeding greed and envy in their hearts.  They tell them to blame rich Republicans who are the source of prosperity in America.  There are two ways to prosper in the world; learn a trade or learn to steal.  Democrats get rich through stealing by hook or by crook, while Republicans prosper through trade and business.  Liberals are taught to scorn business as corrupt thievery and rely on Democrats in government stealing from the rich to give to them.  This isn’t Robin Hood; this is Prince John and his squalid zealots.  Donald Trump is the first actual Robin Hood to be found in America in several generations.

Democrat controlled cities are becoming sanctuaries to Latino-communist invaders who are turning them into rat-infested slums.  Democrats say they are the people who will save the planet from pollution by shutting down America oil, coal, and gas.  These same people can’t clean up the filth on their own streets.  The only means by which Democrats can still be winning any elections is by the complicity of the leftist media propaganda machine and their liberal dupes.  Plus, massive voter fraud committed by corrupt Democrat pollsters who allow illegal aliens to vote and Democrat shills to cast multiple votes.  If voter fraud were crushed as it should be then Democrats would have 20% fewer votes than they do.

Liberals may turn a blind eye to Democrat corruption and live in denial, but leftists certainly know exactly what kind of deceptions they are perpetrating on the people.  Those in both government and the media are without doubt guilty.  That liberals continue to be repeatedly duped by them is to their own shame.  There is no negotiating for a better America with Democrats because they only want power over others.  America became the greatest nation in history thanks to republicanism from the founding through the 19th century.  Only Democrat corruption and propaganda in the 20th century kept the nation from achieving the dreams of great prosperity in the 21st century.  Instead, America is fighting for survival against the onslaught of leftist despotism.

WATCH: Black Man Illustrates the Insanity of “Everything is Racist!” with Hilarious Video

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Democrats Save the World

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