Go back where you came from

The left is attempting to remake an age-old sentiment into a racist remark.  What is not racism to these petty, twisted, hate-filled people who see racism in anything and everything – especially in America’s Founding?  They corrupt language as they corrupt culture, warping the minds and morals of every human being they can. 

Trump Keeps Getting Asked About the “Send Her Back” Chant

Democrats, the people who initiated slavery in America and demanded it not be abolished by the Constitution, are today condemning America as being founded on white supremacy and racism.  It’s like listening to the Nazi descendants of the Hitler regime in Germany today blaming Nazism for modern German cultural problems adopting Islamic values to hate Jews.  Yet it is they who were the authors of hateful bigotry just like it is the Democrats today who are also adopting Islamic culture to justify hating Jews.

Democrats Curse America Flags

The Stars & Stripes, the Betsy Ross flag, the Don’t Tread on Me flag; all stand as symbols of liberty that the left is trying to convert into symbols of racist bigotry.  Kaepernick is a testament to our times.  What might you expect from an under-educated, ultra-rich football player, a money-grubbing sports company, and a tone-deaf, scum-sucking lot of B.S. artists (not to put too fine a point on it)?  What Kaepernick doesn’t know about Betsy Ross is that she had nothing to do with slavery and was a truly emancipated woman of her time:

  • She was a Quaker (she didn’t own slaves).
  • She married a man her family disapproved of, so they disowned her.
  • She learned a trade – Upholstery.
  • She and her husband opened a store.
  • Then war broke out and her husband left to fight for the colonies. He died in battle.
  • She kept the store running by making regimental flags for the war effort. She married again.
  • This time to a man who was fighting the British by sea. He also died.

Betsy Ross kept sewing and running the store.  Her home was taken over by the British when they occupied Philadelphia.  She was a patriot.  She lost two husbands to the war and at that time in history she learned a trade and was able to take care of herself and her children.  So that flag represents the birth of our country and, in the case of Ross, early feminism!  (Not today’s Feminazism!)  She’s a female icon!  This flag has nothing to do with slavery.  Nike made the wrong move.  Again.

Of Bernie, Betsy, Cortez, and Obama – Ignorant Liberals Enraged

Leftists create phony racism to distract from and conceal their own anti-America bigoted hatred.  They create and endorse militant hate groups like the KKK, BLM, and Antifa that is an American Nazi terror group.  Just because they try to smear Republicans as racists doesn’t make it a fact.  Liberals live in the land of Egyptian river boats (i.e. in de Nile).  Moslems have found a home in the Democrat Party to promote their own socialist ideology as their new religion.  What is it about the Islamic Jihad that appeals to Democrats?  The answer is because Jesus is Jewish.

Everything the left does, everything of which they accuse Republicans of doing, is to distract from their own crimes and sins.  Democrats are doing, acting, and being everything of which they accuse Republicans of doing, acting, and being.  If you held a mirror up to them there would be no reflection because they cast all their wicked aspersions on Republicans and cannot see that they are talking about themselves.  That’s what makes it so easy for them to turn on their own to demonize them along with all those who stand for righteousness.

Chris Pratt demonized as white supremacist for Don’t Tread on Me flag t-shirt

Are we going to love America or submit to Democrat hate?

Beauty contest winner violated for her anti-Islam opinion

Creating an Illusion of Chaos Is the Purpose of Anti-Trump Fake News


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