The Only Conservative Lobby that Counts!

Conservatives used to have a big lobby in conservative media, but many of them have become NeverTrumpers and now stand with Democrats against us!  These false prophets have been exposed along with the communist agenda of the left.  We still have a lobby in Washington that is now led by President Donaldus Trumpian the Magnificent.  And the voice of our hearts and souls is on the radio – Rush Limbaugh!  This lobby we created ourselves in 2009.  We are the TEA Party and WE ARE STILL HERE!

The leftist media reports that Trump “turned against MAGA” because he pulled back on the chant “Send her back.”  He doesn’t want Omar sent back to Somalia.  He wants her to keep talking and be the face of the Democratic National-Socialist Communist Party.  If they think we are going to turn away from Trump because of anything they tell us, then they are lost in their own delusions.  The Trump TEAm is as strong as ever.  The TEA Party Movement was formed from the people, a grass roots movement not created by Obama’s agitators like OWS, Antifa, and BLM.  We are the people of these United States of America and stand proudly as patriots who love America.

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Donald Trump has proven to be a patriotic genius who has outmaneuvered Democrats at every turn and forced them to expose their true nature.  After suffering for eight years under the lies and delusions of America’s first, and hopefully, only Moslem communist president, Trump is a Godsend.  Where Obama constantly pretends that his administration was transparent and scandal free, that he acted in the best interests of Americans, Trump is actually doing so!

Obama began his clandestine mission to destroy America by imposing the ObamaCare tax on the people which was hammered out by Democrats behind closed doors.  He secretly funded the Muslim Brotherhood’s Jihad to create the Islamic State with American taxpayer money.  And he covered it all up with scandals galore that the leftist media concealed from the public.  Only conservative talk radio and FOX News revealed them as the left told liberals those venues lie!

Trump began his presidential campaign speaking openly and honestly and now meets with reporters weekly to speak his mind and promote his policies to make America great.  The only “scandals” are those manufactured by Democrats to smear him.  The slanders of Democrats to make Republicans out to be what Democrats are and pretend that they are what Republicans represent is their last gasp of promoting their propaganda.

Democrats can’t count on Millennials and minorities voting for them as the people are becoming educated in what Democrats truly represent.  That is why they are waging war on America by importing foreign America haters to vote illegally.  If they don’t overthrow America in the next two elections, then America is going to turn on them and send them back to where they came from!

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2 Responses to The Only Conservative Lobby that Counts!

  1. gbat2017 says:

    I can’t remember when Republican’s ever did an adequate job of pursuing voter fraud by Democrats. I also hope voters never elect another Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, McCain, McConnell, Justin Amash, Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney.

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  2. I’ve often seen comments from what seems to be quasi conservatives who think they can make our President Trump look bad by saying he changed his mind, so he must not have a plan. I believe the fact is that 99% of the time they haven’t got a clue and don’t listen when he explain simple ideas. “They” won’t change my mind, but we need many others to understand this.

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