Liberal Democrat lunacy has reached its boiling point and is ready to explode!  House Democrats held a vote to condemn “President Trump’s racist tweets.”  As always, what they call racist is simple condemnation of Democrat hate because, in liberal world, it is a crime to criticize leftist America haters.

An examination of the hate of AOC and her Gang of Three

The Anti-American Squad’s Vile Press Conference

The Hate America First Squad are the new face of the Democrat Party representing all those who declare everything American is racist, everything President Trump says is racist, and every American who loves this country, salutes the flag, and sings the National Anthem is racist!  They condemn all Republicans as white supremacist nationalist fascists, i.e. racist Nazis.  They demand the impeachment of President Trump for his every word he’s ever said as being racist:

  • “Border security” – RACIST!
  • “Immigrants obey laws” – RACIST!
  • “Illegal Aliens break laws” – RACIST!
  • “Reinstate Census citizenship question” – RACIST!
  • “Lower taxes” – RACIST!
  • “Law and order” – RACIST!
  • “America first” – RACIST!
  • “Stronger ally relations” – RACIST!
  • “Fair world trade” – RACIST!
  • “Destroy jihadi terrorism” – RACIST!
  • “No nukes for Iran” – RACIST!
  • “Stop socialism” – RACIST!
  • “Lowest black and Hispanic unemployment in history” – RACIST!
  • “AOC and her gang are stupid America haters” – RACIST!
  • “Make America Great Again” – RACIST!

The truth of Einstein’s hypothesis is born out by AOC and her Gang of 3:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the former!” – Albert Einstein

AOC & Co. prove that irrational hate also knows no bounds.  Omar has helped fund Islamic terror groups.  Yet no one is prosecuting this jihadi for treason.  Instead, Democrats make excuses for her.  Pressley has made the most racist remarks about white people since Confederate Democrats were in Congress making the same remarks about blacks.  AOC says the USA is Nazi Germany with concentration camps – camps that people are not being executed in but are walking three thousand miles to get into!  Tlaib damns the USA and all her people as selfish, hateful, and… you guessed… racist!

The Democrat media is giving them the spotlight promoting their ideology of hating everything about America, white people, and Republicans.  These four rabid America haters have become the face of and de facto leaders of the neo-Democrat Party of the 21st century.  They are Obamaites to the bone who promote every policy of America’s only black Moslem communist president to tear down this nation, unmake the country’s laws, abolish the Constitution, and fundamentally transform America into a socialist dictatorship with the likes of them as its future rulers.  They would complete the destruction of America that Obama attempted that Trump has undone.

These people, who condemn American law, promote lawlessness on the border, in the streets, and in voting booths, call Donald Trump “lawless.”  Obama’s Democrat militant groups endorse them.  From the Democrat’s new militant arm Antifa that used to be the KKK to BLM that are now anti-white racism under the façades of being anti-fascist and anti-police brutality.  Both have been nothing except violent agitators, criminals, and assassins.  The left’s “social justice” and “climate crisis” are just pretenses for their anti-America hate.


Lawlessness Leads to Frustration and Desperation — On All Sides

Is anyone else ready to vomit in their faces as they maniacally scream “RACISM” at every word, thought, and deed of the good Christian conservative patriots of this great land?  After Trump criticized these haters, even some Republicans said he made his attacks personal.  Rush Limbaugh straightened them out:

“Senator Graham…. kind of distanced himself just a little bit from Trump with his tweets on The Squad and said, ‘Don’t go after them personally. Go after their policies. Go after their socialism and communism.’”

“…one [liberal article] was called: ‘The Greatest Unforced Error of Trump’s Presidency.’  well, what here did he say that crossed the line? What here did he say that was the unforced error?”

“Did Trump really go after them personally? It isn’t personal to say: If you don’t like it here, then go back to your native countries and fix ’em and then come back and show us how you did it. What’s personal about that? Trump did not use any racial or racist language. He did not personally insult any of these women. He just categorized them for what they are. They don’t like America. They hate America. And he asked ’em if it’s such a rotten place, why don’t you leave? But he didn’t say don’t come back. He said leave, go fix the places you left because they were so rotten and then come back here and tell us how to do it.”

These haters are not only attacking Republicans but attacking any Democrat who does not subscribe to their insane hatred.  They don’t belong in this country let alone in our government.  These four should be removed and put on trial for treason.  This is what the Democrat Party has become and why they are no longer an American political party but advocates for America’s enemies.

Omar defends Jihadis

Tlaib, Omar endorse Hamas, condemn Jews

Omar aiding ISIS

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