The Divider-in-Chief takes all the credit for Republican’s successes

The Obama economy

As America continues her decline Obama advocates for a continuation of his policies as beneficial.

Obama is out there giving himself credit for a “booming economy,” while Hillary is out there campaigning about how poor it has been, and Elizabeth “Fauxcohantas” Warren continues to display her ignorance of how government got money to build roads and schools or where people got money to pay taxes.  Democrats always run as conservatives when they campaign to sound just enough like Republicans to dupe their voters (unless you’re Bernie Sanders and you tell the truth and reveal that Democrats are actually socialist dictator wannabes).

Obama:  “We’ve got to stop pitting working Americans against each other.  We’re gonna have to come together and choose a vision of America where everyone gets a fair shot.”

Tell that to the American small businesses that have been targeted by Obama’s IRS, put out of business by the LGBT, or looted by rioting BLM criminals.

Obama the stuttering fool says we’re rubes being duped by conservative media

Does anyone remember Obama campaigning about Bush doubling the national debt?  You don’t hear the liberal media talking about how Obama doubled it again by running multiple trillion dollar deficits, feeding Wall Street to make his cronies vastly rich, and did it off the books by not passing a budget for six years.  Nor do you hear how the Obama regime is choking businesses to death over their support of any agenda other than his twisted morality and treacherous endorsement of Islam.

In Obama’s imaginary America

Obama says, “The economy is better by every measure.”  I guess those measures don’t include the shrinkage of the middle class for the first time in history, the lessening of income, or the fact that there are fewer people working than when Jimmy Carter was president.  But that doesn’t stop him from blaming capitalism that created the Middle Class for causing this decline.  Most of the country doesn’t realize that this economy has all been orchestrated by Democrats over these last ten years because they’re too busy with their social media, reality TV, and video games.

He also says the world is a more peaceful place after assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in unleashing the Jihad on the world once again.  Hillary says how dangerous it would be for Donald Trump to be president (even after Democrats elected an anti-American, anti-Christian, racist bigot with no executive or business skills, no morals, and an Islamist agenda to have his finger on the nuclear button).  Do you think the guys who were at Benghazi would think that’s true?

What about the low price of gasoline?  Those of us who were paying attention six years ago remember when Obama was mocking Sarah Palin saying, “Drill, baby, drill,” as he shut down oil drilling offshore and on federal lands.  We have listened to him and his Democrats condemn fracking as causing earthquakes, depleting the ozone, and increasing global warming.  When he said, “We can’t drill our way to lower gas prices,” we screamed at him about his lies about fossil fuels we were called all kinds of names by the leftwing media; tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists, planet killers, and gas hogs.  The low prices he said could not be have become a reality thanks to fracking entrepreneurs who succeeded, not because of, but in spite of Obama.

And he has the gall to stand there and take credit for it!

It’s frustrating to watch Obama call for unity after spending ten years dividing Americans against each other and no one in the media except conservatives say boo.  It’s horrifying to watch America’s young turn to a socialist for solutions their dilemmas even as we see Venezuela dying by doing the same thing.  It is all a matter of poor schooling, media propaganda, and not defending what is right that conservatives have allowed this to come to pass – and millions of faux conservatives are on the #NeverTrump bandwagon saying they either will not vote, or will vote for a third party, or vote for Hillary.  This is how conservatives, Christians, and Republicans are losing America.

Obama says his economy is better than any Republican’s could be

Obama blames right wing media for angering white people


“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” means – you can tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think!

Dumb voters

[Author’s note: Obama will never take credit for signing the first trillion dollar deficit he blames on Bush by which means he thinks that allows him to claim honestly to have reduced the deficit.  It’s still higher than any Bush deficit who had to borrow to pay for two wars that Obama turned around and lost after they were won.  And he continues to claim that his economic policy saved jobs, that he kept America from sinking into another Great Depression, despite being in the Great Obama Depression the past eight years.  So, if I don’t go out and shoot a dozen idiot Democrats that counts as me saving a dozen lives, doesn’t it?  I’m a hero – at least in liberalworld.]


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1 Response to The Divider-in-Chief takes all the credit for Republican’s successes

  1. EIleen says:

    Part of the frustration is that Wall St goes on the tube reiterating everything Obama says. Now it is true that if they are the editor of an investment newsletter, if they know the Fed is propping up the market, then they owe it to their investors to tell them to buy. However, there is nothing wrong with saying the Fed is propping up the market and you don’t want to go against the Fed. I can accept that; what I find inexcusable is to reiterate Obama’s lies on national TV, knowing full well that what is coming out of their mouths is a pack of lies.


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