If you lock your door you’re a xenophobe – Democrats open your home to thieves


Do you lock the doors of your house?  If you do then you’re a xenophobe according to liberals.  This is the Democrat policy meme when it comes to illegal immigration.

“The reason we lock our doors at night is not because we hate those outside, but because we love the ones inside.” – anonymous Christian conservative

America’s immigration laws work just fine.  The immigration system is not broken.  What is broken is our government.  Democrats are the police who are charged with guarding our home and protecting our property from strangers who would steal from us.  Instead of doing their job, they are holding the door open to whomever wants to come into our homes and inviting them to take whatever they want.

This is what is causing the collapse of our society and the American decline.  When Republicans complain about their actions they are called xenophobes who hate immigrants.  Legal immigrants are welcome in America just as those we invite into our homes are welcome.

But nobody is welcome to steal from us and would be ejected from our house if they did, just as we should eject illegals and Moslem refugees who protest America, her laws, and her culture.  Those who enter America to steal jobs, steal benefits, and steal our lands, and those who would subvert our Constitution and install Sharia in its place are not welcome in America ever!  Liberal media pundits who advocate for the Left to allow their anti-American brethren into the country should be shut down and shipped out along with them!

Instead, the Left is censoring citizens and patriots through PC slander.  The Democrat Party has been taken over by socialists who are always ready and willing to take more in taxes from those who work for a living.  They are the thieves who contribute nothing to society but demand we share our wealth with their thieving friends.  Democrats are a parasitic plague on civilization.

Obama, Hillary, and their leftwing comrades like Elizabeth Warren have all benefited by taking from Americans while giving back nothing but misery.  Elitists such as them who believe in their own entitlement are like those who turn up their noses at people who eat catfish because they’re “bottom feeders” and have no idea what farmers use to fertilize their vegetables.  These clueless leeches have made their living sponging off of rich people who use them as politically corrupt puppets to grant them subsidies of taxpayer monies, create tax loopholes, and do damage to their business opponents.

Obama’s “common sense” gun control and immigration laws are socialist drivel.  We already have laws that work and work well, but we have a government that is enacting those laws and a president who is violating them.  The Orlando shooter’s parents, Taliban supporters, should never have been allowed into the country and the shooter himself, on the FBI watch list, should never have been allowed to purchase weapons.

Government has been failing to protect citizens from criminals and terrorists for the last forty years.  They have failed to such a great extent that citizens have been compelled to arm themselves.  In response to all the crime, police departments have militarized.  All of this is not happening by accident.

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