Obama is either an incompetent fool or nefarious deceiver

Obama savior or satanic

Is Obama a savior, a wise and benevolent leader, an incompetent fool, or a nefarious deceiver who is deliberately subjecting Americans to Islamist hate while lying about being an Islamist himself?

Obama says it is pointless to name terrorism by its root of Islamic Jihad.  By not naming the enemy it frees him to invite more of them into our home.  He sees the TEA Party who votes against him as a greater threat than jihadis who mass murder Americans.

A member of his administration, Laila Alawa, a twenty-five year old Syrian immigrant who sits on the Homeland Security Advisory Council Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism, said that 9-11 changed the world for the better.  Obama blames America and homophobia for the attack in Orlando and denies the shooter’s claim that he, who was a homosexual himself, was doing it in the name of Allah and the Islamic State.  By Obama’s interpretation it is America that is responsible, Americans who are murdering gays, Americans who buy guns that committed this crime because the Islamist jihadi was born in America, and ignores that he is the child of migrant Taliban loving, America hating Islamist parents.

Democrats don’t want laws that will stop criminals from getting guns, but that will stop citizens from buying them legally.  They don’t want borders that will keep people who want to kill us and steal from us.  They want to allow foreigners to take over America because they hate this country.  They don’t want harsher punishment of felons who obtain guns illegally, just keep guns out of the hands of citizens who break no laws.

There is a reason that borders, walls, door locks, and police exist – to protect us from these people.  Democrats want to allow these foreigners to take over America and remake it into a socialist dictatorship under a one party government.  They’ve thrown blacks under the bus to give jobs to illegal immigrants.  They’ve thrown seniors under the bus to give illegals federal benefits from Social Security and Medicare that people worked and paid a lifetime to acquire.  Now they’re throwing gays under the bus in favor of Islam that says all gays should be executed.

So which is it?  Is Obama making America better?  Is he protecting Americans?  Is he an incompetent boob who cannot recognize the problem?  Do you think Obama is stupid or do you see that he is betraying America?  This is what happens when you elect a lying Moslem to be leader of the free world.

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1 Response to Obama is either an incompetent fool or nefarious deceiver

  1. EIleen says:

    Regardless of what he is, (incompetent or otherwise), the inconsistencies in the leftist message is starting to turn key demographics away from Clinton. His handling of Orlando, which happened before the MSM was able to frame the story to make it look like a white male did it, didn’t quite work according to the playbook. Note that these events don’t necessarily turn people towards Trump, who has his own issues of likeability with these same groups, but talking them out of voting in November is almost as bad as turning them towards Trump. Clinton needs every single vote she got, while Trump needs just the low hanging fruit (some of Sanders voters or Reagan Democrats) plus most of what he got to win; so every voter who declines to vote for her spells disaster.


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