Crushing defeats of Obama-Hillary leftists, victory for Trump!


Making the world a better place by turning against the Left.

The month of June has seen the Democrat media declare that Hillary has already won the presidency even as Obama’s Islamic leftist agenda is being defeated both at home and abroad.  Brexit represents Great Britain realizing their country is also being diluted by immigrants that want to dismantle what’s left of the British Empire, just as those whom Obama is bringing into the USA want to deconstruct America and tear up the Constitution.  Meanwhile, one liberal fool had to travel the world to discover his beloved leftist ideology is an epic failure and the cause of the world’s misery.

Professor travels the world to find his beloved Marxism is an epic failure

Immigration is the key to Obama’s plan to deconstruct the West and infiltrate Islamists into Christian Europe and America.  The Left has successfully slandered Christianity and God to make more Americans accept atheism or become agnostics leaving them open to conquest by Islam.  Obama expects his trade embargo will have the same effect on the Brits as Hurricane Sandy did on Christie – to cow them into bowing to kiss his ring and rejoin the EU to allow the Islamic invasion to continue.  But Cameron’s resignation, which may soon be followed by Merkel’s, is resonating throughout Europe to stop Obama’s Islamization of the West.

Obama’s presidential treason and Democrat’s galactic stupidity

Obama is in open defiance of the laws he took an oath to uphold.  Immigration law, like gun control laws, already works.  But just as Obama is having the FBI ignore background checks to allow jihadis on the terror watch list to buy weapons, he is ignoring the law and making his own as he goes to give illegals and Islamists American citizenship.  Despite the order by the Supreme Court that he stop his illegal immigration actions the GOP elites that control Congress are allowing him to succeed.  This is because they, too, can profit from the cheap labor he is importing, as well as the millions of welfare dependent voters who will live off of taxpayers and vote Democrat.  (What do GOP elites care so long as they profit along with the Democrats?)

Democrats are sucking America’s wealth and destroying the Middle Class that this great nation built.  Those like Obama, Clinton, and Reid represent the corrupt cronyism that has squandered America’s wealth, stealing it to put in the pockets of themselves and their donors from Wall Street.  Along with the brainless fools like Pelosi and Warren, who like their useful idiot voters that applaud the hippie commune of a Democrat sit-in on the floor of Congress to destroy the Second Amendment, and are further stupefied by Warren’s call for a $22 minimum wage, it’s no wonder there is rebellion going on by the people.

Elizabeth Warren – the face of galactic stupidity in the Democrat party

Donald Trump has become the focus for both America and the world’s hopes of turning back the tide of leftist ideology.  His rise in the polls against the Democrats despite all the slander by Obama, Hillary, the left-wing media, and even some faux Republicans, is proof that the people have had it with Washington.  Trump’s vow to England to overturn Obama’s wrathful vengeance is exactly what Romney should have done in 2012 when Christie should’ve stood by him.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump may not be the president people want, but he is certainly the president that we need!  Trump is standing against the tidal wave of leftist ideologues that have flooded our government and is drowning our population.  America is in need and her hopes rest in unlikely hero, and all that is needed now for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Trump lifts Britain to spite Obama’s two-faced threats

Dystopian liberalism vs. conservative reality

Hillary logo

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