Bare naked Democrats – Democrats terrified of Trump-Bernie debate

Obama Emperor has no clothes

Democrats were terrified that Bernie would reveal the truth to the nation about who they really are, but Trump decided not to debate the loser of the Democrat primaries.

The reason we call him Crazy Bernie is because he is honest when he speaks of the Democrat agenda.  The capitalist debating the socialist would have been a fiasco for the Democrats.  Most of the country has not heard Crazy Bernie talk who thinks socialism is so great yet avoids any mention of Venezuela that just tanked under their adopted socialist dictator.

Had Obama told the truth of his intentions in 2008, that he would snuff out American energy and put his boot on the necks of small businesses, he would have lost in a landslide!  Had he told Americans that he would shrink our military to bare minimums while assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in unleashing the Jihad on the world once again they would have recoiled in horror!  Had he said that he would skyrocket medical costs with ObamaCare and college costs by taking over student loans people would have run away screaming!  Half of Democrats know that they must dupe the other half in order to acquire the power they crave to steal big bucks from the rich and give pennies to the poor.

Democrats say that a worker voting for Republicans is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders, which is funny because last time I checked there were no chickens working the counters at KFC.  What is accurate is that taxpayers who vote for Democrats are like chickens voting for Col. Sanders because Democrats will take from you until you die.  What is even funnier is that they will then go out and blame Republicans and capitalism and tell uneducated, ignorant fools that capitalism is the rich stealing from the poor, but socialism is everyone getting a fair wage and paying their fair share of taxes.

Democrats always campaign as conservatives when talking about their tax and spend policies.  Then they pander to America’s greedy promising to steal form the rich for them and share the wealth.  As a prime example, Hollywood liberals always say they’re all for socialism cause it’s so good, but you never see them share their multimillion dollar salaries with the rest of the cast and crew.

A little history

Capitalism in America is what created the first Middle Class in history.  Socialism throughout history has been anything but beneficial to the people who become worker drones for the ruling elite.  This is no different than the Feudal system in which the peasants served the ruling class.  The only people who benefit are the nobles who assist the royalty by keeping the peasants in line.  The only peasants who prosper are those who benefit the nobility and rise to become the gentry.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is the difference between Moses and Pharaoh.  Pharaoh would work the slaves to death without regard for how he abuses them.  Moses saw the benefit of improving the lives of slaves to do their jobs better.  When Pharaoh complained of his feeding the slaves more food rather than starving them to keep them in line his reply was in making bricks for Pharaoh’s temples, “The strong make many, the weak make few, the dead make none.”

The Robber Barons of America’s 19th century had the attitude of Pharaoh and would pay workers starvation wages.  If they went on strike they would replace them with new workers, which is why unions were formed.  But most of those Robber Barons went on to become Democrat politicians and eventually took over the unions as bosses.  Crime lords learned the same lesson and Mafia kingpins eventually had their family not only paying graft to politicians to turn the other way, but took their places.  This is the dirty little secret of the Democrat Party.

Republicans have always been the party of the Middle Class versus Democrats who are the party of worker drones.  Obama shrank the middle class for the first time in America’s history and he blames Republicans and capitalism.  America’s ignorant, uneducated youth believe him!

Democrats tell you that their purpose is to make slaves of your masters but they don’t tell you that there so I can purpose was to make drones of you. Muhammed did the same thing and acquiring is Islamic followers. This is how you get people to volunteer to be slaves.

Corruption in government

Politicians today get into government which was never meant to be a career with benefits and retirement.  America’s republican form of government is meant for people who are already accomplished, not for people to live large on the public dollar.  They spend more than they take in and demand more and more in taxes.  Social Security was supposed to be for the people’s benefit when they retired, but Democrats began raiding it in 1968 and conservatives haven’t had the power to stop them since.

It is always Democrats who say they want to debate and then riot if you do to try to intimidate you into shutting up.  That’s what the PC movement is all about – shutting down debate so people are not enlightened to their lies!  You never see conservatives on the streets rioting.  But, when they defend themselves as they have at Trump rallies where Bernie supporters have attacked, you can bet it will be all over the news where the liberal media will condemn them as racists and oppressors.

Meanwhile the real racist murderers run rampant in our streets looting and burning as government orders police to spectate!  Democrats say Republicans don’t protest violently because the system works for them.  The system doesn’t work for Democrats because they’re not free to loot, rob, rape, and murder as they please.

Democrats never care about the evidence.  All that matters to them is “the seriousness of the charge” with which they falsely accuse conservatives.  But when the evidence points at Democrat perpetrators they are all about covering up, circling the wagons, and destroying the accuser.  On the flip side are Republicans who foolishly discharge their own over baseless accusations.

Revealing Democrats

Trump should have debated Bernie so that Americans could get a long, honest look at the Democrat agenda.  Under Democrats the government has prospered a thousand fold more than Americans.  The reason a republic works better than either a democracy or a socialist dictatorship is because it protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority, but doesn’t give them the power to tyrannize them in return.  A republic keeps all sides in check and forces them to work together for the common good, not advance one group over another.

America is supposed to be about everyone having the chance to work for a better life and prosper from their labor without interference and oppression by government.  The beginning of the 20th century saw Democrats come to great power through propaganda and steal that wealth.  Americans prospered and technology advanced, not because of Democrats, but in spite of them.  We can only dream of what could have been accomplished had we not had the Left being in charge to suck the wealth out of the people.

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2 Responses to Bare naked Democrats – Democrats terrified of Trump-Bernie debate

  1. Ken Gray says:

    Bottom line, DonaldDick is the one who first he would debate Bernie and then chickened out.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Better, thanks. I do not approve comments that are nothing but nasty remarks inviting no debate. You can believe Trump “chickened out,” but the fact is that Sanders will not be getting the nomination so debating him is pointless. It’s like a prize fighter fighting the water boy. The only benefit would have been that Sanders is completely honest about his socialism while Hillary, like Obama, tries to hide hers.


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