Liberal media laughs in the people’s faces as Obama farts in theirs

Veteran's benefits

ObamaCare reducing healthcare costs, Iran not building nukes, veterans getting benefits…. liberal media assists Obama in deluding ignorant Democrat followers that the evil in the world is Republicans, while they perpetrate lie after lie on the gullible fools.

Democrats laugh at all the lies they get away with from Obamacare to the Iran nuke deal to illegal immigrants.  From Gruber delighting in how easily people were duped to believe that ObamaCare would be beneficial in reducing the cost of healthcare and insurance, to Rhodes bragging about fooling Democrats into believing that the Iran nuke deal would keep the demented Ayatollahs from getting hold of nuclear bombs, Democrats think it’s all such a big joke on Americans that they even mock veterans dying while waiting for doctor appointments that they compare it to standing in line at Disneyland.  The frauds the Left perpetrate on the ignorant public like; man-made climate change, socialism is beneficial, and Islam as the religion of peace, are all part of Democrat’s grand scheme to convince gullible fools to give them absolute power over them.

As the leftwing media pushes their collective noses farther up Obama’s rectum, he delights in farting in the faces of the sycophantic Obamaphiles that they are as they in turn laugh at how easily they dupe Obamabots.  Liberals are barely beginning to understand the depths of his betrayal, while conservatives are watching the greatest nation on Earth deteriorate before their eyes.  There is no excuse for people who support Democrats like lemmings.  Obama’s character was broadcast before 2008 and every day since, but leftists didn’t listen.  Half of them are happy to see America dying and think they will make anything better (see Venezuela) and the other half are duped bulls in a gully.

An object lesson in leftwing media deceit

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1 Response to Liberal media laughs in the people’s faces as Obama farts in theirs

  1. EIleen says:

    I did see something of note over the weekend. The MSNBC pundits were expressing disappointment at Clinton’s inability to tell the truth. I saw another mainstream media get interested in Progressive Light, Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate. Of course, Johnson has the backing of the Koch brothers. Wonder if this is the disintegration of the DNC’s propaganda arm?


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