A taste of American liberalism – Hillary sends her fascists to attack Trump rallies


Democrats are calling Trump Hitler.  Those of us who learned history know Hitler sent his Brown Shirts to riot and attack the people at his opponent’s rallies and then condemn them if they fought back.  Hillary/Bernie are doing the same thing to Trump supporters.  Who’s the Hitler in this scenario?

Democrats are going to Trump rallies to attack Trump supporters and riot against Trump’s America First policies.  Democrat mayors are allowing it to happen just as they allowed BLM to riot, loot, and burn businesses.  No one on the Left is condemning these assaults, but are applauding them.  Then they say they are justified and blame Trump for his divisive language!  Meanwhile, Hillary gives a hate Trump speech to incite her followers to riot and the liberal media calls it her greatest foreign policy speech ever!

This is nothing more than typical leftist blaming the victim just as Moslems blame European women for being alone and sexy giving them opportunity for rape.  It’s just like Democrats blaming Republicans for Obama’s crappy economy while Republicans in Congress have been spectating the past eight years.  This is a taste of true liberalism in America, the true Democrat Party – anti-America in every facet of their being.

San Jose riots against Trump – liberal fascist rhetoric has consequences

Why isn’t Hillary blamed by the media for inciting riots against Trump supporters?


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1 Response to A taste of American liberalism – Hillary sends her fascists to attack Trump rallies

  1. frankie24 says:

    Yes, Republicans will get no help from the law, the Dems do not believe in the rule of law. They are hypocrites and always have been. After listening to the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in Congress, I know that whatever they accuse the Republicans of doing, it’s because they have either already done it or are doing it themselves right now.


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