Success of Obama’s Islamist agenda

Obama creates ISIS

Democrats blame Bush for “creating terrorists” by waging war on Islamists, but the only thing that creates Islamic terrorists is the teachings of Muhammad.  Obama’s agenda to weaken America and assist the Muslim Brotherhood in unleashing the Jihad has been an overwhelming success.

When Rush Limbaugh prayed seven years ago saying, “I hope he fails,” he knew exactly what Obama would do and his prayer went unanswered.  Obama has successfully weakened America, choked her economy, shrank her military, brought in foreign infiltrators, and corrupted her culture to the point that the nation is unrecognizable to someone who grew up in the fifties.  He has assisted Islamists in once again unleashing the Jihad on the world and liberal media continue to carry his water and pour out the lies that it’s all the fault of Republicans.

Liberals say Islam is a peaceful religion and Moslems are good people.  If that were so then why do the vast majority of Moslems support Sharia Law and the Jihad?  They may not want to be involved in the killing, but they endorse the laws and tactics of Muhammad.  Worst of all, the leftwing media is fully invested in not only rewriting history, but making the oppressive slavery of Islam preferable to Christianity and living in liberty.

You could say the Vikings were good people; until they interacted with their neighbors.  Then they were savage, brutal, and vicious, looting and raping their way across Europe – much like Moslems are doing today except they can do it without weapons because Europeans have become so wussified.  This is what happens when the greatest nation in history elects a Moslem to be leader of the free world.

Obama blames Bush and Republicans for inciting Islamic terrorists.  Islam launched terrorism from the time of Muhammad as anyone who has studied history would know.  The only thing that causes Moslems to become terrorists is Islam and the teachings of Muhammad in the Koran.  Obama, not Bush, was the latest catalyst in renewing the Jihad.  Saying you will incite Islamic terror if you criticize Islam is like saying you will incite robbery if you display valuables.

Withdrawing all American troops from Iraq left the door open to jihadis.  Assisting the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic jihadi terror organization, in overthrowing the dictators who kept them in check, is what allowed ISIS to become powerful.  Blaming a video purported to “insult Islam” on the assassination of the American ambassador to Libya when Obama and Hillary refused to send any rescue forces to them is the pinnacle of betrayal.  The liberal media promoting this propaganda is equally betrayal of the American people.

The greatest threat to America and her national security has been the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the position of President of the United States.  This only came to pass because there are too many millions of Americans who would like to see the America that thrived under God remove God and go under.  They would instead have Allah reign over the infidels of the United States and bring all under the boot of Islam just as the Nazis wanted.

Islam is the ultimate socialist Utopia wherein all the people are the same.  Atheists will just have to submit or die like everyone else.  It is up to Americans to turn away from the corruption of Democrats and establish a firm Republican leadership once again.  And if you don’t like the corruption in the Republican Party then get involved in the primaries and elect better Republicans rather than jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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5 Responses to Success of Obama’s Islamist agenda

  1. LMinAppleton says:

    Why are you, other serious bloggers, and every conservative talk show host so frightened to use the “T” word? Iran has vowed the destruction of the United States. These are not rational people and look forward to destroying all life on Earth if necessary. When a president paves the way for our committed enemy to attain the weapons with which to destroy us, is this not an act of treason? When a president intentionally welcomes terrorists into the country disguised as refugees with 100% certainty that Americans will be killed, is this not an act of Treason? When a president purposefully releases terrorists from Guantanamo Bay knowing full well that they will rejoin their terrorist brethren and eventually kill Americans, is this not an act of treason? And when an entire Congress does nothing to stop these acts of treason but rather approve funding for these acts, are they not, themselves, guilty of treason?

    Hillary has already compromised our security by using her influence at the State Department in exchange for $140 million to indirectly sell uranium to the Russians. This is a national security risk. Is it not also an act of treason?

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      Apparently, this is the first article of mine that you’ve read. I’ve spoken often that Obama is not acting for America’s benefit, but for the benefit of Islam and that this betrayal of his oath is treason to this nation. My articles exposing Democrats wanting to allow foreigners to flood into the country and give them benefits and the vote who are likewise betraying the citizens. Why the GOP not only doesn’t take action, but allows this, is why there is a revolution. We can only pray that Trump is honest and will set them straight – if they don’t assassinate him first.


  2. virginiakev says:

    Off topic. Have you tried linking up to Disqus? I have referred your blog there several times.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Thank you very much. I am on on Disqus and do post articles there. Wish I could find a better way to “advertise” that didn’t waste so much of my time.


  3. J. P. Lynch says:

    What a great well done essay! I look forward to reading more of your writings. Thank you
    for being a voice of reason !


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