Is Trump true or is he false?

Donald True or False

Who was Trump talking about leaving out of uniting the Republican Party?  This is why he is the wild card and this is the most important question that needs to be answered.

After Ted Cruz announced his withdrawal from the campaign, Matt Lauer asked Donald Trump:

“Are you fully confident, Mr. Trump, that you can unite the Republican Party behind you?”

Donald Trump:

“I am confident that I can unite much of it.  Some of it I don’t want.  I mean there were statements made about me that those people can go away and maybe come back in eight years after we’ve served two terms.”

Was Trump talking about Cruz conservatives or about RINO GOP elites?  Some Cruzers are saying they will not support him because they see him as being the flip side of Hillary.  But then there are Republicans in the GOP leadership who say they would vote Democrat before voting for him because they see him as being an outsider like Cruz who will spill their gravy train.

This is the question to which Americans need the answer.  If Trump is talking about Cruz conservatives, the true blue conservatives who are trying to save America from Democrat socialists, then he is false and will not unite the Republican Party.  He will instead be another McCain or Romney who will leave the base of the Republican Party and sidle up to RINOs and Democrats.  If he does this and wins then expect Cruz to primary him in the next election.

If he was you talking about the RINOs who are the yellow Republicans that want to vote for Democrats to stop Trump then he is true.  Trump’s entire campaign began based on stopping Jeb Bush and the RINOs from continuing to wage their faux conflict with Democrats and restore the American economy.  He has since been flip-flopping about after defeating Bush in his efforts to secure the nomination over Cruz.

But tactics are not the same as strategy.  His utilization of the Trump Card to appeal to northeastern liberals was a tactic, but if his overall strategy is to defeat liberalism and repair the damage done by Democrats policies and restore America then he is still our guy.  Americans are disgusted by Washington and want nothing more than to take the government’s boot off of the throats of business and the last thing they want is to see Trump be a Bush clone.

The Cruz campaign did great mainly because Trump cleared the field for him.  But when it became apparent he would need more than the base conservatives to defeat Trump he suddenly accepted 99 new friends and that was the death blow to his campaign.  Joining with the establishment cost Cruz any shot at the nomination, but the same will be true of Trump.

If Trump is against the cruisers then he’s no different than Jeb Bush and we’re no worse off than if Jeb had won.  He will go the way of McCain and Romney and America will go down the drain because conservatives think they will teach liberals a lesson by letting them rule.  This has been a lesson that the younger generation will make over and over because they are not being taught conservatism in schools, but the lies of liberalism.

Somehow the cycle must be broken and Americanism restored or America will fall.  We are not teaching our children the benefits of conservatism over the corruption of liberalism by letting liberals rule.  Letting McCain and Romney fail was not the brighter move, and neither would letting Trump fail.  If you don’t like your leaders then you should get more involved in the primary process and not only choose better yourself but teach others to choose more wisely as well.

The morality of choosing not to support Trump

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1 Response to Is Trump true or is he false?

  1. Dora says:

    It is obvious to me that Trump is talking about the “establishment” deniers of the party. Yes Cruz’s downfall is when he did receive all the backing of the politicians & donors & special interest groups that we loathe!

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