WARNING! Relapsing to liberalism may result in permanent brain damage 

No left turn maze

Don’t blame others if you won’t vote Republican and allow Democrats another victory as you did in 2012!  Stop acting like a whining liberal while claiming you’re conservative.  Don’t blame others because you think your candidate isn’t conservative enough!  First on the agenda is to stop the Democrats destroying America.  You’re either with us or with them.

It’s easy to take a wrong turn at any point in your life until you truly learn morality.  The left is never right because morality is not gray, but black and white.  It’s only gray until you overcome ignorance by learning right from wrong to enable you to separate truth from lies.

As I have pointed out in many of my articles; everyone starts out in life as a liberal/leftist, i.e. ignorant.  That means that even though you may become an educated and moral conservative you always retain the capacity to revert to your liberal roots.  We are all sinners and all fall short of the Glory of the Lord.

Such a thing is happening now with the #NeverTrump and #NeverCruz camps.  The two factions are so diametrically opposed despite being in agreement are the most vital issue in America today, namely, stopping and reversing the Democrat agenda.  The arguments between the two camps are mostly based on propaganda, smears, and mud-slinging by both parties.

There are only three issues in which both factions are in 100% agreement: economy, diplomacy, and military:

Economically Democrats are crushing the American businessman through crony capitalism, including subsidizing their friends with taxpayer funding for their failing businesses and creating tax loopholes for them.  They shake down business owners, making regulations to crush Republican businesses, and then killing jobs by demanding higher pay for deadbeat employees who refuse to develop any skills.  And always they are demanding more in taxes for more wasteful spending on cronies and deadbeat voters who refuse to work, taking money from seniors to give to illegals, and defrauding the foolish by fearmongering over climate change by telling them they are destroying the planet.

Diplomatically and militarily, Democrats have unleashed Islam and the Jihad on the world already resulting in hundreds of thousands murdered with the death toll rising every day.  They deny Christians prayer in schools and open them to Islamic indoctrination.  They endorse any minority that wants to overthrow Christianity and then claim to be righteous in all they do.  In addition, Democrats have weakened America and reduced her ability to be leader of the free world and stand in defense against tyranny.

Cruz vs. Trump

I believe in Ted Cruz, but I also recognize the difference in styles between Trump and Cruz.  Ted is an intellectual who, unlike Obama whom idiots believed to be the smartest man in the room because they were told to believe it, actually is the smartest man in the room.  The problem he has is that he believes that an intellectual argument should always win a fight.

The truth is that you cannot convince an idiot of the validity of an intellectual argument and this is what Trump understands.  You cannot win a fight with intelligent discourse because irrational people do not respond to reason.  Obama recognized this and used a teleprompter to unleash flowery rhetoric to which people responded and ignored the warnings of those who knew that he would betray America.

Where Obama has made America weak and unleashed the Jihad on the world, Trump vows to make America strong and crush the Jihad.  Unlike Obama, whose character was well known but ignored by the masses, Trump’s character is also well known but being smeared to subvert the masses.  And, unfortunately, even TEA Party people buy into the smears because they despise Trump for successfully using mud-slinging against Cruz.  But where no one came out and spoke of Obama’s character for fear of revealing the truth, many have spoken of Trump who have worked with him and all say he is an honorable man.

My deal is simply this; I think Ted is the most solid conservative Christian in Congress – the only man who always did what he said he would.  But Trump is also a Christian American and the difference between the two is that Trump knows how to fight and win, while Ted has always fought and lost.  It helps no one if you fight for righteousness and go down in defeat.

What people don’t realize, including Trump who still says “nobody likes Ted” and smears him as “lyin’ Ted,” is that Cruz is in second place because millions of voters do like him!  And the best way to form an unbeatable ticket is for the two top candidates to team up!  Anyone who says either candidate would not “lower themselves” to work with the other doesn’t understand politics at all.

Election 2016

Democrats are hopelessly divided between far left Sanders and leftist Hillary.  Republicans also stand divided between far right Cruz, rightist Trump, and centrist Kasich.  The only reason Cruz and Kasich are even still standing in the race is because Trump came in and sucked the oxygen out of the Bush campaign.  Trump snuffed out the campaigns of everyone else on the Republican side of the field because he understands his audience.

What should not matter so much to Republicans is that he is not the perfect conservative, but he is the hard hitting leader America needs at this time.  What Trump and Cruz need to understand is that so long as they are divided then Republicans will be divided.  If Trump thinks he can win without Cruz, or if Cruz thinks he can win over Trump, then both are working against the greater good of putting America first.

Where the candidates stand on the political spectrum

Left   –        –        –        –        –        Center        –        –        –        –        –        Right

Sanders      –        Hillary        –        Kasich        –        Trump       –        Cruz

–        –        –        –        <=Democrat/Republican=>   –        –        –        –        –

What conservatives should understand is that they do not hold the majority.  Even though 40% of people identify as conservatives to only 20% who identify as liberals, the actual percentages are not reflected in this simple breakdown.  Conservatives need those who are still transitioning from liberal to conservative and have only achieved moderate enlightenment to come to their side.

Two Americas – Americanism vs. Socialism; Right vs. Left

Republicans have their first chance to control the presidency and both houses of Congress since Bush.  With the GOP elites unseated and the Democrats kicked to the curb, America has a chance, under proper leadership, to reverse the damage done by Democrats and stem the abuse by the establishment.  When GOP members say they would rather vote for Hillary than for Trump or Cruz, no one who calls themselves conservative should turn up their nose at Trump just because he isn’t one of their own.  What does it matter if he isn’t anywhere close to being a good conservative if he is willing to work with conservatives toward the goals of making America great again?  Nothing in his character says he would be the betrayer Obama has been.

Lapse in judgement

Conservatives who stay home rather than vote because their candidate is not conservative enough are no different than those who would vote for Democrats over a Republican because he is too conservative for them.  Both are selling out the nation just as they did when they enabled Obama to have a second term.  Liberals don’t learn from such self-righteous examples.

Seeing through the mud-slinging, smears, and propaganda about Trump/Cruz

Trump channels Obama, Cruz talks sense, Republicans divide against Democrat insanity

Black female executive speaks out about working for Trump

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