Cruzers and Trumpsters cut off their noses to spite their faces

Never Trump vs. Never Cruz

Cruzers are damning Trumpsters for getting The Donald the Republican nomination.  They are saying he will lose to Hillary because of his character and vow that they will not vote for him.  What kind of psychotic stupidity is that?  No doubt the Trumpsters would have done the same thing, except that many of them actually not only would have refused to vote for Cruz, but would actually have turned around and voted for Hillary!  #NeverTrump vs. #NeverCruz vs. #NeverHillary has become a comedy of stupidity in this great America tragedy.

Cruz supporters are condemning Trump for his smearing their candidate and vowing they will not support him because of it.  Trump supporters are vowing they will never support Cruz because they believe in Trump’s smears.  Both sides have just been treated to a dose of politics in a war of words to decide who would win the popularity contest to be the next Republican nominee.  Now that Trump has won, it is time for these two men to stop dividing the party and start uniting them by uniting with each other.

Conservatives are going against conservatives and cutting their own throats in the process.  Those who say Trump is too liberal for them to support and those who support him are betraying conservatives.  And Trumpsters believe Cruz is too conservative for them to support because he is unbending and they believe Trump’s smears of “lyin’ Ted.”  They are two sides of the same coin – the coin of self-righteous stupidity.

McCain and Romney both lost unlosable elections to the worst person ever to run for president in the history of America; an anti-American, anti-Christian, racist bigot who has no knowledge of how great America is, how she works, or how business functions, who fully endorses and promotes socialism, Islamic Jihad, and anti-white racism in his policies.  No conservative, no matter how good, even the great Ronaldus Magnus, has been without their flaws.  But there are those on the far right to whom only perfection will do, and those are the people who go so far to the right that they end up supporting the Left.

This is the kind of leftist nonsense you don’t expect from people on the right, but it’s just as I have been saying; everyone is born an ignorant leftist and must learn to be right, but just because you learn what is right doesn’t mean you’ll always choose it!  Conservatives who say Trump will lose to Hillary make this a self-fulfilling prophecy by refusing to vote for Trump and thereby ensuring that Hillary wins.  For people who say they want to stop the Democrat agenda that is destroying the country they love to do this is so antithetical, so contrary to what they say they believe as to force the conclusion that they, not Trump, are the traitors to their cause.

July 4, 1776 America is born

Nov 4, 2008 America commits suicide

No truer words were ever spoken.  Not only have liberals decided to wreck the greatest nation that has ever existed, conservatives are assisting them!  I can’t count how many conservative websites have censored and blocked my blog posts because I try to talk sense to both sides.  I weep for America when the people who say they are part of the same team stab each other in the back.  Don’t say you’re a conservative when you help liberals to win.

WARNING!  Relapsing to liberalism may cause permanent brain damage.  What

[Author’s Note: Rush says that the political spectrum is not a bar but a circle and that when you go too far in either direction both sides end up at the same place.  I say it is a bar that chooses between right and wrong and never the two can meet.  But people are funny creatures and they can make wrong choices in the name of doing what they believe to be right.  It is the trap of self-righteous hypocrisy into which we can all fall.]

George Wallace Knew Best said;

The anti-Trump crowd is comprised of geniuses who say:

1) Trump can’t beat Hillary.

2) I will not vote for Trump.

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4 Responses to Cruzers and Trumpsters cut off their noses to spite their faces

  1. Jesse says:

    A choice between a progressive and a progressive is not a choice. Just because the Nazi put an R after his name does not mean he is one. He is a progressive pig who would be every bit as bad as Hillary and do just as much damage to this country. It is the HEIGHT of naivety to think that just because he is erroneously running on the Republican ticket that we should unite behind him. If Justin Bieber put an R after his name should we make him president too? Geeez…did anyone but me RESEARCH this guy? He is a progressive of the highest order, not to mention it would take him about 4 seconds to start an international incident the first time someone told him he was ugly and his mother dresses him funny.


    • guidvce4 says:

      Jesse, your posting reveals how you “feel” about Trump. I suggest that if you look at what he has done in the past in dealing with the political class was a matter of getting things done, not total capitulation to the ideology of the left. Trump is a businessman, a very successful one at that, who got that way by not being deterred by the challenges put in his, and every business owners, way by the government for various reasons. If you would look at what he has done from that perspective, you would see that he is a pragmatist, not an idealist. What does it take to get job done is what concerns Trump when on a project.
      Now he is running for the highest ofice in our nation, that is his new project. To make America great again is his goal. If he applies the energy to reach this goal that he has used in past projects, America and its people will survive and prosper once again. To fly off the handle, as you suggest in your last sentence, would not be in the interest of achieving the goal, thus, he wouldn’t do it. Unlike liberals/progressives feelings don’t enter into how to get things done in the business world. That is why this nation is in such big trouble, feelings guided the business of governing via the ballot box and the latest popularity poll without considering whether or not the prospective nominee for whatever office had the experience to really do the job. Current occupier of the WH is a prime example of what happens when feelings are used instead of brains. Give this election some thought using a business perspective, like you are hiring someone to do a job for you. See what you come up with. Ciao.

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    • dustyk103 says:

      Believing Democrats as “progressives” is your first mistake because Democrats are actually regressive. Teddy Roosevelt began the progressive movement, but he remained a Republican. His nephew failed to properly understand him.

      Likewise, believing Trump is the same as Hillary is as much an error. The GOP elites like Bush and Boehner and their supporters like Kasich and Graham are the same as Hillary because they all want to keep the Washington gravy train going. Trump has said he wants to get the government’s boot off the necks of businessmen and, as a businessman who has been shaken down by government repeatedly, he should understand that best.

      That’s why I write – to reveal propaganda and cut through the smears. In 1980 they said the same thing about Reagan and I stupidly believed them and voted for Carter. Reagan didn’t destroy the world, he defeated Communism and brought down the Iron Curtain to free Eastern Europe. In contrast, Obama has unleashed the Jihad on the world and set the Middle East on fire!

      Lastly, you assume he is immature because of his juvenile attacks on other candidates, but you fail to understand he appeals to the lowest common denominator because he knows his audience. Don’t be one of those who can’t think past the propaganda. Your research is wanting. No one who knows him personally has come out and said he is a turncoat of any sort – quite the opposite of Obama.

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  2. guidvce4 says:

    Dusty, great article. Time for all of us, Trumpsters and Cruzers, to get together and defeat the common enemy. We can discuss what happened during the nominee process some other time, preferably over a few brewskis and barabecued meat, once the main battle is done and won. Time to put the nonsense behind us and get down to the business of reconstructing this nation for all her citizens. Time to be adults about our stewardship of this nation for the future citizens, stop the childish he said, she said waste of energy and time. Focus on the enemy at hand is required now to perserve this country and our way of life.

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