Those stupid people who vote for…


Do those “stupid people” who support Candidate X really hack you off?

It is an unfortunate fact of life that stupid people vote.  They are misled, misinformed, and mistaken in their beliefs.  They trust what they are told by those whom they trust without thinking to examine the facts and deciding for themselves.  They are followers.

They are the reason we have Obama, Hillary, and Sanders.  They are the reason we have Trump, Cruz, and Kasich.  They are the reason we have liberalism vs. conservatism.  They are the reason our nation is divided against itself.

But they are not the reason America is failing.  America is not failing because stupid people vote, but because intelligent people do not teach them not to be deceived.  After months of campaigning there are five candidates left who have stupid people supporting them.

Pick your poison:

Bernie Sanders – Free college

This avowed socialist is attracting millions of greedy young voters with his promises to steal from the rich and give them free college educations.  In the minds of the galactically ignorant they went to school, K-12, for free.  They believe that rich men are hoarding wealth which is why they can’t get jobs.  They believe America owes them a luxurious life because it is “the richest nation in the world.”

They are in for a rude awakening and this is your wake up call!


You didn’t go to school for free.  Teachers do not work for free.  Schools are not built for free.  Your parents PAID FOR IT ALL!  It’s called “taxes,” you ignorant children who’ve never had a job, and everyone pays them.

Sanders thinks taking more taxes from the rich will make America better.  Rich people are greedy, he says.  They move their companies overseas for cheaper labor, Democrats say.

The truth is they move their companies overseas to escape being shaken down by Democrats who continually take and spend more taxes than they take in to give to their friends, plus dole out a pittance to their pitiful voters who ask them to steal from the rich.  What rich person wants to pay more of what he worked to earn to Democrats so they can give it to their deadbeat voters?  The proof that Democrats don’t actually care about their voters is in their policy to bring that cheap labor here to America in the form of illegal immigrants to take jobs that Americans will do.

If you’ve heard the galactically stupid Elizabeth Warren spew her bile about how someone built their business with things “the rest of us paid for,” then you should learn that the rest of us paid for it through our taxes – and we paid those taxes from the salaries we were paid by those people who built companies and created jobs!  Where does Senator Warren think the rest of us got the money to pay for those things?  The government didn’t give it to us.  They took it from us.  They took it from the pay checks we got working for those people who started a business.

Elizabeth Warren, in her colossal ignorance and incredible arrogance, reached a conclusion of galactic stupidity that she pawned off as wisdom to the uneducated masses that voted for her to become a United States Senator.  This is why America is failing.  Democrats are teaching the masses class envy and greed, and they are telling them that it is righteous to steal from those who work harder to make more money than they do, not because they strove for it and did it smarter, but because they were “privileged” is the Democrat tale.

Government doesn’t create jobs that form the tax base – they create jobs FROM the tax base.  It is the entrepreneur who made America the most industrious nation in history, that raised millions from poverty to create the first Middle Class in history, who built America and made it wealthy.  The government does not help create wealth – THEY SPEND IT!

Hillary Clinton – Government benefits

This Washington elitist’s followers believe she will champion their cause against “white male privilege.”  They think they are not living the American Dream of becoming wealthy because white male Christians are beating them down with their self-righteous morality.  The believe Republicans “make the rich richer and the poor poorer” and haven’t the first clue what the Democrats for whom they voted are doing in Washington.

Democrats took power, real power, for the first time in 1912 when Teddy Roosevelt foolishly split the Republican vote.  Since then they have taken and squandered America’s wealth.  But America survived the Great Depression their confiscation of wealth created and even thrived, not because Democrats helped the poor, but because people strove to overcome their taxes.  The proof of this is the eighties and nineties when Reagan lowered taxes and Gingrich balanced the federal budget and the American economy boomed!

But Democrats tell the ignorant that all that capitalism is what caused the last crash and the decline of the Middle Class and blamed Republicans and tax breaks for the rich and greedy businesses for hoarding wealth.  They and their lapdog media will never tell the people that the economy crashed because of a banking scheme Democrats set up to nuke the economy and give them power in Washington by scapegoating Republicans.  They will never tell the general populace that Obama has taken trillions of borrowed taxpayer dollars to put our children into generational debt in order to stuff the pockets of his Wall Street cronies.  They will never tell the public that their creation of new taxes and regulations are crushing American entrepreneurs and taking their wealth to give to their friend’s failing “green energy” companies all based on a fraud of “saving the planet from CO2 pollution.”

Democrats have been swindling Americans, demanding pay-offs and kickbacks, and pressing their iron boot down on the throats of those who would create bigger and better companies with higher paying jobs all in the name of fueling class envy to get votes.  Democrats have bred the greediest, most envious parasitic class in the history of the world in order to promote their own greed.  Democrats are not the politicians who help the poor, they are the politicians who sucker the poor into giving them the power to steal wealth, and in doing so guarantee that they will stay poor.  And if that doesn’t work then they’ll import more poor people to fill the void and tell them their lemmings they’re doing it for humanitarian reasons because everyone in the world deserves, nay, has the right to their share of America’s wealth.

John Kasich – The Washington establishment

Ohioans love their governor, but America does not.  John was a great help to Gingrich when he was in D.C. to balance the budget, but he has been no help to America when it has come to keeping the GOP Establishment from uniting with liberal Democrats to suck America’s wealth.  Speaker John Boehner, who seized the leadership when the TEA Party revolt put Republicans back in power to STOP the Democrats seizure of wealth, worked hand-in-hand with them against the people, and he is an Ohio Representative.  Kasich did nothing to stop Boehner’s betrayal, he assisted.

Now touting his past as his appeal, and being the last establishment candidate standing because he ran a low-key campaign, Kasich is trying to cast himself as the adult and most viable candidate to defeat Democrats.  What America sees is another McCain and Romney who will hand over the game to Democrats and keep the gravy train for Washington going.  He’s not the go-to guy, but the last resort of the corrupt Washington elites to stop the Trump Train and Cruz conservatives from jumping into their sandbox and ruining the good life they’ve been living since they abandoned the balanced budget.

Donald Trump – Make America Great Again

Trump is the Wild Card candidate that has Washington elites quaking in their boots.  He is 2016s Obama, a man of great charisma who is attracting people with the hope that Obama promised in 2008 to stop the corruption in Washington and has since sh*t all over America ever since.  Where Obama went into Washington a “racially oppressed minority seeking to return the power and wealth to the people,” he has proven to be the anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white racist agitator, demagogue, and panderer that conservatives knew him to be.

Trump, however, has a past that is no better.  As a billionaire entrepreneur he has been immersed in the Washington corruption, lauded Democrats, and was a part of the corrupt business practices of the Washington elites.  But now he says he is sickened by the destruction dealt to the Middle Class by Washington corruption and taking the blame for the elites stealing America’s wealth and he’s going to clean it up!

The question is – is Trump a man of his word?  He has run rings around the liberal media and Washington elites who have done their damnedest to destroy him.  He has crushed everyone that has come against him and he has turned out voters who have been so disaffected by the betrayals by both parties that they quit voting.  Donald Trump has shown the strength of character and determination of will that is needed to clean up the corruption that is crushing the people.

The only question is – is this the real Donald Trump or is he presenting a façade to deceive the people for his own aggrandizement?  If he’s the real deal then America will be saved and made great again.  If not, then we are no more lost than we were before.  We can only pray he is as honorable as he says.

Democrats say Trump is the result of rightwing hatred, but the hatred they describe is that of the Left for all things American.  The Trump phenomenon that he is taking the majority of the evangelical vote is not a result of Christians being corrupted with hate, but of Christians being fed up with taking sh*t off of Democrats and their media demonizing them.  Of all the candidates to come down the pike only Donald Trump has ever taken those liberal propagandists by the scruff of the neck and rubbed their noses in it.

Ted Cruz – Conservatism’s best and brightest and most demonized

Ted has proven repeatedly to be the truest, bluest conservative Christian in Washington.  He has stood against the Washington elites over and over and been demonized by both Democrats and Republicans over and over because he demands they do what they said they would do in their campaigns.  But Ted has an ally problem, which is – he has none.

Ted Cruz is an intellectual genius and a morally honest man who is honorable to a fault.  He is the most demonized (if you don’t understand the word then you should look it up) man in politics because he will not waver from what is right.  There is more propaganda directed at Cruz to destroy him and his credibility than against any other person and none of it is deserved, but people believe it.

His problem is that the morally intellectual approach will not work against those who don’t want to do what is right for the people but only serve themselves, which is all that Washington elites really care about.  His other problem is that he doesn’t fully understand what Donald Trump instinctively understands about how to make friends and influence people.  Ted Cruz may be the best and brightest, but he is the least charismatic and influential.  If he thinks people in Washington would obey him, or fear him as they would Trump, he is mistaken.

2016 Presidential election

Washington elites want Hillary or Kasich.  They would never allow Sanders to win because they know he means what he says and would suck the wealth out of every America, including their cronies.  They fear Trump and Cruz will stop their gravy train, but does Ted have the strength of character to overcome them as Trump is doing?

For me the best chance for Americans is a Trump/Cruz ticket.  This may be the best America could have to unite against Washington corruption and help recover from the disaster of empowering Democrats and their electing an Indonesian bred, America-hating, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian Moslem racist who has beaten down America’s economy and unleashed the Jihad on the world once again.  We can only hope that these two can come together and form an unbeatable coalition of conservatives, moderates, and liberals who want America to be great and her people to thrive to once again be the dominate force in a world of evil cultures set out to enslave or destroy others.  America has always been there to help other nations in the world in their times of need, disaster, and war, and she can only do so when led by Christian hearts and righteous men.

I don’t hold out much hope for our country.  Campaigns are waged with such vicious propaganda that simple-minded people are deluded into believing they can only vote for the lesser of two evils.  Swing states voted for Obama twice despite all the destruction Democrats have visited on our nation with their policies because they have successfully divided us.

Ohio is Boehner country and supports the Establishment.  Massachusetts, that showed a glimmer of good sense after Ted Kennedy died, destroyed that with the election of a blithering socialist idiot to the Senate.  Florida’s voter fraud is so bad they can report Democrat precincts with 50% more ballots cast than they have registered voters with impunity.  And Californians are so stupid they want to build a wall against America and join with Mexico.

If you support Democrats believing they will make your life better you are in lala land and need to take responsibility for yourself and stop blaming others.  If you think Washington will dole out benefits to help the people then you are deluding yourself.  If you think Trump is just a corrupt megalomaniac but you did nothing to stop Obama then you are the problem.  If you think Cruz is a nasty liar then you are too easily duped and have no excuse for your poor choices.  If you voted for Obama twice and intend to vote Democrat again there is next to no hope for you.

America is about to fall and our children are going to be witness to the loss of the greatest nation in the history of the world if the people cannot be educated beyond their own petty indulgences.  What we could be if we didn’t have the greedy in control of our government promising benefits to lazy people who envy that greed to be useless.  What made America great was the people’s faith in Christ and that has been sundered by those who believe stealing is right.  What hope for America lies in the righteous to come together and stop the deconstruction of this nation by those who would see the heathens take control of the world.

Rush Limbaugh:

“…the focus [of this program] has been to try to inform people that the greatest destructive force in this country today is American liberalism as personified by the Democrat Party…”

“You have a lot of people trying to claim they’re the real conservative standing up for conservatism, do what.  Fine and dandy.  But if it’s not focused and targeted on beating back the American left, what good is it?”

Republicans must unite!

Mad dog Democrats are the ultimate hypocrites

America is raising a nation of wimps in a world at war

Trump/Cruz 2016!  A united Republican Party

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