Democrats claim the moral authority over Republicans


In the Obamanation of Amerika the inmates are running the asylum or, more accurately, the criminals are running the country.  Obama wouldn’t recognize American values of “who we are” if they flew into his face.  Liberals believe humanism rather than Christianity should be the moral basis for America.

When it comes to American values and the founding of this great nation, Christianity has everything to do with it.  The Founders were all believers guided by Christian morality.  In the 19th century they were called liberals, but that term has been usurped by modern radicals who say they represent the morals of these great men.

These great men were only considered “radicals” because they were considered to be upstart peasants against rule by totalitarian kings just as Jesus was considered a radical by the Pharisees who had usurped the Word of God.  They were only progressive in their ideas of government by the people.  Today’s liberals are atheist socialists who are not actually progression but regressive, wanting the government to be totalitarian and in control, not only of the economy, but of people’s morality.

America’s founders were all Christians for the most part, but that doesn’t stop ignorant liberal atheists from claiming they were not.  The 1st Amendment, which is about freedom of speech and freedom of religion, they claim it is about allowing any religion freedom to practice (which would include Islam and Satanism).  Yet they strive to shut down freedom of speech for Christians and do not recognize the Founders as Christians who allowed freedom of all Christian sects from being persecuted by each other.

Other religions such that are peaceful are also free to practice their beliefs in America, but Islam’s intent is to overthrow the Constitution and establish Sharia through government control, which makes them seditious, not peaceful proselytizers.  Democrats keep saying, “Republican conservative Christians are on the wrong side of history.”  That is only true if Christians lose the war with the Philistines of the world and allow America to fall.

Democrat’s War on Christians promotes:

  • Abortion – Democrats openly promote women killing babies in the womb and selling dead baby body parts through Planned Parenthood to laboratories.
  • Illegal Immigration – Democrats openly promote allowing foreigners to sneak into America, avoid taxes, take benefits from taxpayers, and give them the vote.
  • Criminal Rights – Democrats openly promote criminal’s rights over citizens and condemn police who use force against them, e.g. the Black lives matter movement. Whenever criminals, jihadis, and psychotics commit mass shootings, Democrats always call for citizens to give up their guns.
  • Islam – Democrats openly promote the rights of Islamists who want to impose Sharia Law on Americans and support the Jihad against the American people. They are openly prosecuting Christians and threaten to prosecute those who criticize Islam.


“A party that openly promotes the slaughter of babies in the womb and then dissecting them for body parts for sale does not have any credibility with me talking about ‘American values,’ ‘cause, I’m sorry: Those aren’t American values.” – Rush Limbaugh

Trump may be bombastic, but America needs a leader who will stand for righteousness and Americanism with the strength of will to overcome Democrat’s filibuster.   The Left has tried to deconstruct America and undo the Constitution to remake it into another socialist dictatorship even if that means adopting Islam.  They will not sit back and let the gains they have made be undone and reverse the damage Obama has done with his policies and executive orders.  This isn’t a contest of two parties working for the benefit of the American people, but a war between the two sides that would either have Americans live free or as slaves to the government.

Top Ten list of Democrat lies that are taking lives and wealth from Americans:

  • Abortion isn’t killing babies
  • Islam is peace
  • Citizens with guns are more dangerous than criminals
  • CO2 pollution causes global warming
  • Illegal immigrants are Americans, too
  • Unemployment benefits create jobs
  • Democrats help the poor
  • Republicans only care about corporate welfare
  • ObamaCare reduces medical costs
  • Republicans want to deny women birth control

Democrats call on Republicans to condemn Trump’s ‘immoral’ ban on Moslems

AG Lynch threatens to prosecute any anti-Islam speech

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12 Responses to Democrats claim the moral authority over Republicans

  1. Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

    If you actually read what the founding fathers wrote on the subject, you would not be claiming that they were mostly all Christians. Thomas Paine wrote THE AGE OF REASON – have you ever read it? Thomas Jefferson rewrote his own shortened version of the Gospel, removing all the miracle stories and all references to the divine nature of its protagonist. Like Benjamin Franklin and James Madison, they probably believed in some sort of God, but the Christian mythology was only a fable, and its exalted savior could not have been anything more than a man. Don’t take my word for it: go read what they wrote in its entirety and find out for yourself. While you are at it, you might even find yourself questioning whether they might even have been right all along about religion in general and Christianity specifically.

    Many of the founding fathers were not any type of Christian at all, they were what are called Deists. That is why the founding documents of this nation sometimes mention a God or Creator, but almost never present the name Jesus Christ. Many contemporary Christian ministers actually condemned the Constitution when it was a being ratified, because it was an “irreligious document” that proposed a secular nation with no state-sponsored church.

    Of course there were also some founding fathers that were faithful Christians. John Adams was probably one of the most devout – assuming of course that you consider Unitarians to be ‘real’ Christians. (We must not forget that Christians are always telling each other that some of them are the wrong type of Christian, and that certain sects are not really Christian and potentially hell-bound.)
    George Washington went to church very regularly for some years – but when he was president he also wrote to a Jewish synagogue in Rhode Island, and assured its members that the United States would never become Christian, that religious identity would never determine citizenship, “to bigotry no sanction, to persecution not assistance.”


    • dustyk103 says:

      Curiously, Arthur, I find them little different from myself. I grew up in the Catholic Church and became an atheist at the age of 12. Being an intellectual sponge with a high IQ, I read vociferously both atheist and Christian authors. I can attribute J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Felix Salten as the authors who showed me God. God put people in my life who eventually led me to Christ, whom I accepted as my Savior at 29.

      I spent years studying the Bible and other religions, plus lots of military history of which I learned enough I qualify for a Ph.D., but wouldn’t spend the money just for the title. I also continued to read loads of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, so I had plenty of exposure to other intellectual thinking, including anti-Christian ideals. Marx and Hitler and Muhammad were on my reading list, as was all the history behind them and the ideologies they engendered. In the last decade I was introduced to D.M. Murdoch/Acharya S. and her “proofs” that the Christ was manufactured.

      Without going into a longer dissertation of my life and intellectual pursuits that I’m sure would bore you no end, the bottom line I’ve found is this; you can either spend you life helping people or hurting people, and faith is the dividing line that determines which you pursue. Everyone has their flaws, but while most embrace them, some endeavor to rise above them. What I have found is the difference between atheists, Christians, and other religions is that atheists live their lives without hope. They believe they are no more than an animal functioning in bio-mechanical body run by an electro-chemical jello that will eventually die and make them cease to exist.

      Those who believe we are more than our bodies, that there are other realms of existence besides that which our five senses can perceive, seek God. The difference between Christianity and other religions is that Jesus tells us that God is reaching to Man to be the best we can be, while others tell people to follow their rules and do as they say to go to Heaven such as Islam that calls on followers to kill others who reject your god to go to Paradise. Perhaps being a Right brain thinker leads me to believe in what you think of as fantasy, but science fiction teaches that what was fantasy in the past can become reality, so never say never.

      But there is no “proof” of this besides our existence in the universe and the words of our teachers. Some of the stories and poems I’ve found to be most inspirational are Beaches, the Christian and the Professor, and Footprints. So, Arthur, being an intellectual with my own vast store of knowledge who has gone through changes in my life, and who questions my faith every day, like the Founders you can find all kinds of things I have said and believed throughout my life that would make you wonder why I choose Christ today.

      As I said, the bottom line is this; do I want to spend my life helping people or hurting people? All I see from most Democrats in Washington today is those like Al Gore who’s getting vastly wealthy over promoting global warming, and Reid and Obama who are accumulating their own great wealth at the expense of the taxpayers by demagoguery to the ignorant, and weakening America in the process. Knowing that even the best of humans falls short of the Christ, I fully understand the words of the Founders, both the good and the bad, and can overlook times of weakness and doubt that we all have. You can either inspire others to greatness through hope of reaching the light or depress them to despair in the darkness.

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      • guidvce4 says:

        It has never made sense to me that a God, Supreme Being, whatever, would only allow us one shot at getting it right. So, I could not accept the atheist point of view as that represented the “despair in the darkness”, as you so aptly put it. To “inspire others to greatness through hope of reaching the light” is more desirable a way to live. Whether it be in the short term of an immediate situation, solving a problem of the moment, or whatever we face at the end of this present earthly existence, the “light” is preferable. For me.
        Others can believe as they wish, as long as they do not try to impose their beliefs on me, as the muslims seem to want to forcibly to do in the name of their understanding of their holy book.
        Am I a Christian? Not in the common understanding of the label, I don’t think so. But, I will never attempt to argue a Christian out of his beliefs. That is a personal choice for each individual and okay by me if it harms no others.

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        • dustyk103 says:

          I know the feeling. I studied things like Astrology, Demonology, Satanism, Cabalism, Numerology, Hebrew mysticism, and wrestled with the idea that those who didn’t get a “fair chance” to come to Christ would require more than one lifetime, so perhaps there was reincarnation? But in the end it doesn’t really matter how long we are in this temporary life because God knows our hearts. Otherwise, all people born before Jesus and those who died before ever hearing His name would have been unrighteously screwed, and that’s not God.

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  3. Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

    Hard to agree that THE AGE OF REASON was written in a time of weakness or doubt. Since you are such an intellectual sponge, I would again invite you to read it. Thomas Paine states outright that Jesus Christ was no different from Mahomet (his spelling of Muhammad). He disowned them both.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I have a long back up of books, but I’ll put it on my list. And note that no one claims the Founders were all devout Christian believers, but people, for the most part, very much believe in morality as taught by Jesus. I’ve written about the difference between those who believe in Christ and those who believe in Christian moral philosophy.


  4. Arthur W. DiMatteo says:

    I have no idea why my comments keep appearing in duplicates, sorry for that.


  5. dustyk103 says:

    This deeply insulting question was posted from a link and is so typical of myopic liberal thinking that I thought it would make an exemplary example of how bad logic works.

    This guy saw that I am a firefighter and asked this question:

    bellschaserplease Dusty Koellhoffer • a day ago
    Would you save a Muslim from a burning building?
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    Dusty Koellhoffer bellschaserplease • 11 hours ago
    Only a lowly liberal would even think of leaving someone to die just because he disagrees with what they believe. I’m a Christian conservative and we work hard to save everybody.
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    bellschaserplease Dusty Koellhoffer • 19 minutes ago
    A yes or no answer would have sufficed.

    Corollary question would of course be: If you work hard to save everybody, don’t you agree everyone’s lives must be then of course be equal? i.e. A Christian Conservative and a Muslim Imam’s lives are are equal?
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    Dusty Koellhoffer bellschaserplease • 6 minutes ago
    No, a yes or no would not have sufficed. Liberals love twisting words and meaning and what Christians are at every opportunity as damned if we do or damned if we don’t. It’s like answering the question – do you have any Moslem friends? If I say no I am condemned as a racist. If I say yes I am condemned as superficial.

    Your follow-up question is no different. Obviously, all lives are of equal value, but this does not take into account what people do with their lives. Do you believe the Imam who preaches murder to be the same as the pastor who preaches forgiveness? Your question is too narrow and your premise too broad to have a meaningful answer.
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  7. Democrats have no real grounds to claim moral authority over Republicans.


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