Democrats escalate their War on Christianity and the Constitution

Obama stands with Islam

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama announcing he will do what no Christian would ever do.  This is what happens when foolish people elect a Moslem to lead America while at war with Islam.

Along with Moslems in the Middle East burning churches, some with the people inside, Islamic governments are holding several ministers in prisons under death sentences for evangelizing to Moslems.  In America and Europe, there are judges sentencing pastors to jail for “insulting Islam” that they interpret as “hate speech” and “hate crimes.”  Democrats are forcing Islam on American school children and striving to turn America away from Christianity.

Atheist socialists, who would like to do away with all religion they see as “the opiate of the people” as defined by Karl Marx, are allying with Islamists against Christians.  Perhaps they are coming to see that the total control established by Islam over its people will better serve their purpose of establishing a totalitarian government over the people.  Liberals are striving, not to make progress in the human condition, but to regress back to the days of nobles and peasants.  Their alliance with Islam will be just as devastating for them as it was for Communists to ally with Nazis in WWII.

Leftists from around the world from the Islamo-Nazis of ISIS to the liberal socialists of the Democrat Party call for Christians and the righteous people of the Right to be persecuted and prosecuted for standing against them.  Liberals in America call for Christians to be silenced and denied 1st Amendment rights, and for their 2nd Amendment rights to be taken away to make them stick.  Just as their predecessors of other socialist movements, Communists, Fascists, Nazis, Imperialists, and Islamists all disarmed people prior to slaughtering them, liberals in America follow the leftist principle of “Kill them all and let God sort them out.”

Islamists and anti-Christians are persecuting Christian pastors in courts

Democrats say “guilty till proven innocent” in persecuting Christians

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5 Responses to Democrats escalate their War on Christianity and the Constitution

  1. guidvce4 says:

    What the left does not understand is that they are being used by the muslims to get a caliphate established in the world. If the caliphate is ever completely established, they will be annihilated along with the rest of us who resist the takeover by Islam.
    Silly liberals need to study history to see what the results of a muslim conquest will be for all who are considered to be infidels.

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    • jonsgram says:

      @guidvce4 — That’s exactly what the “silly liberals” don’t get! They can holler all day long that we Christians are every “phobe” in the book because THEY are “kinder” to the muslims, but they don’t get it that they are still “infidels” and will still be as annihilated as anyone else – unless they convert, of course. I don’t see that happening for the vast majority of them if any, however. I’ve no problem with being kind to anyone – until they declare war on me.. for being me…


      • lololol says:

        yes because all muslims are trying kill you right? so i guess if a few whites hate blacks, then i guess all whites hate blacks right? if a white person molests a child, then i guess all whites a child molesters right? funny how you generalize out of fear, but dont want to be generalized. smh. always some idiot talking hate behind a child pic.



  3. This comes as no surprise.


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