America under One Party Rule as GOP gives all to Obama

Ryan in with Obama

The GOP’s betrayal of Republican voters is complete with their going all in to fund the Democrat agenda that they were elected to STOP!!!

The GOP that Americans elected to STOP THE DEMOCRAT AGENDA has instead joined and WORKED WITH DEMOCRATS!  EVERYTHING Obama wanted to work toward the destruction of America they gave him in this last budget deal.  Ryan did not supplant Boehner, he merely filled in for him.

Republicans gave Obama full funding for:

  • ObamaCare
  • Global Warming fraud initiatives
  • Illegal Immigrant entitlements
  • and as if that weren’t enough – Moslem “refugee” immigration

This is why GOP didn’t want there to be a way he could be ousted.  This is why the GOP wants Bush or Christie or Kasich or Rubio who will work with them to work with Democrats.  This is why they don’t want someone like Trump or Cruz who can come in and throw a monkey wrench into their plans to secure their One Party rule dictatorship of America.

America may be in her last days as a free nation and go the way of the Roman Republic.  As in the past, corruption from within is what is bringing down the greatest nation in the history of the world since Rome.  The Left is succeeding once again in destroying what is good and righteous in the world.

White House ecstatic over Republican budget deal

GOP sells America down the river

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1 Response to America under One Party Rule as GOP gives all to Obama

  1. Fredroe says:

    The RINOs said if they got the majority in the House and Senate they would stop Obama. They LIED! It’s past time to elect Republicans that represents the people. I won’t vote for anyone that is a wishy-washy RINO, period. Only true Conservatives.

    Liked by 1 person

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