FBI director proves Trump right, Obama full of it


FBI director reveals that Obama’s policies invited Moslem jihadis into the USA to murder Americans.  Then Obama says Americans must not judge Moslems or hold Islam responsible for the Jihad.  Trump is the only man talking sense to protect Americans.

Liberals and moderates, Democrats and Republicans, are all piling on Donald Trump for saying the most sensible thing any candidate has said, and for having the balls of steel necessary to spit this in the face of the leftwing media character assassins.  The San Bernardino murderers have been exposed that they were jihadi wannabes before they ever came to America.  And you want to leave an open door to all Moslems because why?  These people were invited right in by Obama’s open door policy to Moslems, Farook was even born here to immigrant parents, and Americans are suffering for it.

Why do you keep lying to us about all the jihadi attacks that have taken place under the Obama Regime?  You keep treating Republicans as if they are the stupid cows of the Democrat Party and we believe it when you assholes say, “its workplace violence.  Islam is peace.”  Fourteen hundred years of history says you’re a liar!  Dozens of jihadi terror attacks say you’re a bunch of fucking idiots!

Ft. Hood, Boston, and San Bernardino have been the biggest and most successful, but how many little attacks have there been?  How many have been thwarted?  How many have you called something other than what they are to cover them up?

You think conservatives are stupid, liars, mind-numbed robots, bigots, sexist, homophobes, haters, Islamophobes, xenophobes, and racists.  You’re the flaming jackasses inviting jihadis into America to kill Americans!  You’re the blithering idiots who believe they are the intellectual elites and think the most destructive ideology in history, totalitarian socialism, is good!

The two-thirds of Americans who are intelligent know that the BS you serve up to them, global warming, Islam, BLM, ObamaCare, illegal aliens, and the deficit economy recognize that all are bloated loads of feces.  It’s a crime they don’t all vote or that Democrat voter fraud successfully disenfranchises them.  You think we don’t know you are deliberately deceiving us?

Obama is either galactically stupid or acting treacherously while deceiving the people about Islam.  Raise your hand if you think he’s stupid?  He even said he would side with Islam against America!  WTF?

Trump doubles down – stop Moslem immigration

Rush Limbaugh first to expose the liberal lie again

FBI director exposes truth about San Bernardino jihadis, Obama’s lies

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1 Response to FBI director proves Trump right, Obama full of it

  1. Trump is talking logic and common sense, while the rest of the left(including the rinos), is blathering on about how that is so out of touch with who we are. BS. A look back at our history shows that entrance into the US has been restricted to folks with various backgrounds since the founding of this nation. Its nothing new for us to protect our nation and its legal citizens from those who would move here to change our way of life. Google it.


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