Trump laments last 2 years of ‘Bush economy’ despite Democrat Congress

Trump on MSNBC

Apparently, when Donald Trump talks to extreme leftwing media he is susceptible to severe liberal brain farts.

Donald Trump may be brash, boisterous, and fearless, but he has proven he is neither so wise nor knowledgeable.  For Trump to say that he holds Republicans policies responsible for the last two years of Bush’s presidency when the economy tanked, when it was Democrats that were elected to control Congress those last two years, is the height of folly.  Intelligent people know that presidents don’t run the economy, but Congress does through laws and regulations.  This is the same insidious ignorance that has infected the country and convinced the Lost Generation to vote for their decline by electing Democrats.

Democrats are supreme at two things; suck not the wealth out of the economy and blaming Republicans for it.  Republicans are superb at failing to get past the liberal media to get the truth out.  The result is that Democrats are being elected to wreck the economy while sharing they are trying to make it better, and people are being duped into believing it is the fault of Republicans.

For a century Democrat policy has been to take more and more in taxes, promising to spend those taxes on benefits for the poor and tax breaks for the Middle Class.  Instead that money ends up in the pockets of their rich friends and oblivious voters are left scratching their heads and frustrated.  Until they start paying attention to what politicians actually do rather than believing what they say America’s decline will continue and the Middle Class will pay the price.

Trump may have just committed political suicide in a futile attempt to suck up to the liberal media.  This is extremely disappointing after making such an excellent campaign of b*tch slapping the liberal media’s attempt at character assassination over his remarks about McCain.  Conservatives have no respect for McCain who is more than ready to work with Democrats toward their agenda rather than restoring Americanism.  The last thing America needs is a Republican who will try to make Democrat’s socialist policies work because all they will do is slow the car down before going over the cliff.

Trump blames Republicans for last two years of Bush’s Democrat economy

Smear merchants – the Democrat media propaganda campaign to blame Republicans for Obama’s economy

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