Obama and the Democrats stealth campaign to hide unemployment and inflation

shadow unemployment

What is the difference between horse sh*t and bull sh*t?  One comes out of a horse’s *ss and the other comes out of a politician’s mouth.  “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure,” and this epitomizes how Democrats calculate economics for public consumption.  Obama’s economic recovery shadow unemployment of twelve million people leaving the workforce who are no longer counted as unemployed.  On the expense side he has kept inflation down by taxing employers who reduced rather than growing median incomes over the last six years.

America is not just reliving the Carter years, but is expanding them with two terms of Obama’s economy of extreme unemployment and inflation.  But the facts and figures being reported by the liberal media that should show the economy is in the tank says just the opposite.  Were it not for conservative media exposing the truth, all Americans would be fooled by the data coming out of Washington.

Carter’s disastrous administration was a plague on the American economy with high taxes, high spending, high unemployment, and high inflation.  Despite Democrats fixing records so they show the opposite, conservatives who lived through the Carter years remember them well (liberals not so much as they don’t remember what happened but believe the new narrative).  When Carter was elected in ’76 unemployment was at 7% and inflation at 8% giving what Carter called a “misery index of 15” for Republicans.  But during his term unemployment rose to 12% and inflation to 13% giving Reagan ammunition to turn the tables and declare that Democrats “misery index was 25” and a landslide victory was born!

But now, using the narrative for unemployment based on the economic collapse of 2008 that was engineered by Democrats in control of Congress and blamed on Republicans, Obama is claiming he lowered unemployment and kept inflation down.  The truth that can be found in the manipulated data reveals the opposite to be true.  Instead of keeping track of all the people who are unemployed, Democrats only track those who are “looking for jobs,” so that unemployment figures went down not as people got jobs, but as they dropped out of the workforce.  Plus, rather than allow inflation of prices, Democrats have assured that employees have less income by taxing employers more.

America’s workforce today has fewer people participating in it on the supply side than it did during the Carter administration, meaning we have lost some twelve million jobs in America since 2006, which was the last year that Bush and Republicans had control of the growing economy.  On the spending side, prices have not skyrocketed, but income has dropped for the first time since the Great Depression.  Instead of incomes going up $5,000 the last six years, median incomes have gone DOWN $5,000 a year.

This reverse income is nothing more than inflation from the supply side rather than the expense side of the economy.  So Obama and the Democrats have successfully duped the people into believing that they have repaired the economy that they say Bush and the Republicans wrecked.  When the truth is that is has continued to languish and has become the “new normal” under Democrat rule.  Millennials and the Middle Class had best open their eyes or they will find themselves the subjects of the Democratic Socialist Party of America and stupidly wonder how it happened.

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism – Right vs. Left

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