Warren, Hillary – Republicans are evil for exposing sale of dead babies 



Abortion is not the destruction of cancerous cells endangering a woman’s health – it is the killing of a human being.

Both Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are damning Republicans for exposing Planned Parenthood’s profiting from the sale of dead baby body parts from abortions.  They say that Republicans want to take away women’s healthcare.  Since when is killing babies to sell body parts a part of women’s healthcare?

Planned Parenthood – selling dead babies


Republicans are attempting to defund Planned Parenthood from receiving taxpayer’s money to perform these atrocities.  Like Green Energy companies that cannot survive without Democrats giving them billions of taxpayer dollars, Planned Parenthood is among the largest Democrat campaign donors – funds that come from the taxpayers, money that Democrats give them.  Government subsidy is code for liberals and moderates money laundering taxpayer’s money to their cronies who, in return, donate heavily to their political careers.


This has been going on for a century and must be stopped!  The government of the Republic of the United States of America was not designed to steal from taxpayers, yet that is what subsidies, tax loopholes, and regulations are doing.  Cronyism has become the primary goal of liberal and moderate politicians whose only goal is to dupe the people into voting for them.

Just because it’s good does not make it right.  What’s good, fair, legal, or just is not necessarily right.  Liberals just aren’t very bright and even less moral.  They still don’t realize Obama is a pathological liar, a Moslem, and a traitor who is weakening this nation deliberately.

They think Ted Cruz shut down the government and Bush wrecked the economy.  They believe banks made “predatory loans” by choice, and that Christianity is a greater threat than Islam.  America cannot survive with liberals at the wheel steering the nation over the cliff of fiscal and moral insanity.

Obama and the Democrat’s stealth campaign to hide unemployment and inflation

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