Trump, Cruz, Walker, Rubio – The Four Horsemen of the Democrat Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Democrat Apocalypse

These four men stand head and shoulders above all the GOP as those who promote Reagan conservatism without fear.  They face down the liberal media’s attempts at Obama’s Alinskyite character assassinations to unabashedly speak the truth.  Their promise: to dismantle Obama’s deconstruction of America and restore the American Dream.

Liberal media pundits are becoming apoplectic at these conservative stalwarts who speak the truth and will not bow to either political correctness or liberal slanders.  Donald Trump is showing everyone how to defeat liberal media character assassination tactics by standing as the Immovable Object against their Irresistible Force.  Their latest attack is over his condemnation of former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain as no war hero for his contemptible lack of defense of America’s veterans as Obama takes away their benefits and shrinks the military.  Where the GOP always quickly falls on its knees asking forgiveness from the media when they are lambasted for speaking out, these four men put the liberals in their place by sticking to the truth.

The Left will not abide dissent.  They say they are for free speech, but only if that speech is their own.  Anyone who speaks the truth against their lies they set out to destroy.  There are few conservatives who will stand against the withering fire from the entire liberal media.  But these four men do not bow and they are the kinds of men, like Ronald Reagan, who can lead America back to greatness.

Ronald Reagan’s greatest quality was leadership.  He did not look to polls to determine how he would act on issues, but determined to enact his policies from righteousness.  He spoke the truth to move those who were ignorant and misguided over to the Right rather than pander to the Left as the current GOP leadership does.

The author of “The New Totalitarians” in describing today’s Democrats says he is not saying people are becoming Nazis or Stalinists.  Those terms are 20th century history.  Today they are Obamabots and in the 21st century they seek to destroy both capitalism and Christianity in America by stealth, coercion, and misdirection rather than directly as did the Nazis and Communists.

The New Totalitarians

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1 Response to Trump, Cruz, Walker, Rubio – The Four Horsemen of the Democrat Apocalypse

  1. Jane Blacksmith says:

    Love it: the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. True, true. Bringing boldness, brashness, and backbone back to the Beltway.


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