The Eternal Doomsdays of the anti-American lunatic Left


Leftists decry anything American and perpetrate constant frauds to dupe the ignorant into believing their incessant rants claiming that America is the cause of the world’s ills.

It never changes.  The Left predicts Doomsday over and over again and it is always the fault of the United States; industry, energy, capitalism, you name it, and if the United States is prospering from it then it’s going to destroy the planet!  Yesterday it was CO2 greenhouse gases, then it was nuclear power, today it’s methane, and tomorrow it will be CO2 again as the next generation enters school not knowing anything about science, history, or politics.  And the solution is always the same – elect Democrats, give them more money in taxes, give up your freedoms and become slaves to the state with them in charge.

It’s the same with their eternal cries of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and every other agenda that is held by the Left.  It doesn’t matter that they don’t exist or that Islamist Jihadis are actually trying to kill everyone who will not submit to their ideology.  According to the Left it is the people of the Christian Right who are wrong and who must be destroyed in order to save the planet and all of humanity.  This is akin to the belief that Satan is not evil, but is actually trying to save mankind from a wicked, controlling God who wants to enslave everyone.

The entire Democrat agenda is to convince poor gullible fools to give them all their money, and give them all the power, and make everyone equally poor under a new socialist tyranny, which is the only kind of socialism that exists.  Even the Pope from South America has added the authority of the Catholic Church to the cry to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and capitalism and restore the power of government over the people.  America’s newest generation will be subjected to a deluge of propaganda blaming Republicans, Christians, conservatives, and the Right for all the ills of the world that they themselves are inflicting on humanity.  It is a test of intelligent, moral, critical thinking and education to help them overcome the deluge of lies and frauds that are being perpetrated by the Left.

The Left always says they want to be open and share knowledge and opinions, but when data that shows them to be wrong, or opinions are expressed that disagree with them, then they demonize, censor, even criminalize those dissenting voices.  The history of the Left’s climate change predictions is a boneyard of false prophecies from the seventies to today;

  • we are causing the Earth to enter the next Ice Age
  • man would die out from worldwide famine with more than 3 billion people
  • Freon is causing the ozone layer to dissipate
  • using gasoline in cars generating CO2 causing unstoppable global warming
  • hurricanes like Katrina will ravage the country every year
  • the polar ice cap in the north will be gone forever by 2013
  • the coasts will be flooded under twenty five feet of water
  • southern climes will become deserts in decades of droughts

and on and on.  Their solution is always the same; vote Democrats into power and give them America’s wealth and they can save the planet.  In the last fifty years the only thing they have saved is their own congressional seats and their ever growing personal bank accounts.  This is the kind of government that socialism buys.

Apocalyptic liberalism is all the rage


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