Rainbow White House

Obama rubs Christian’s noses in Supreme Court ruling imposing gay marriage on America just as they did abortion.  Culturally, economically, and diplomatically, Americanism is being shorn and debased by Obamaism and the policies to weaken and sunder Christianity.

The Founders set up America’s republican form of government with three branches so that no one of them could dominate the nation.  They were to be checks and balances against each other so that a tyrannical government could not seize power over the people.  The 3 branches of America’s government (for the 85% of the population who do not know) are the Legislature (Congress) to make law, the Executive (the President) to enforce law, and the Judiciary (the Supreme Court) to validate laws in accordance with the Constitution.

Despite claiming to be an American Christian, Obama’s policies have all been destructive to America and Christianity.  Obama’s corruption is sundering the fabric of American law and culture, wrecking the economy, weakening her military, and empowering America’s enemies.  Choosing to uphold laws as he wishes, and making law by imperial decree using his pen and his phone to impose his will on the people, Obama passes up no opportunity to benefit a few while spitting in the faces of the Moral Majority.

The Congress, despite having Republicans elected to the majority and called upon to stop this radical, anti-American, anti-Christian president, is not only doing nothing against him but are trying to find ways to work with him.  And the Supreme Court that is supposed to uphold the Constitution as the laws of these United States has abrogated that authority and enacted laws in conjunction with the president.  Abortion, ObamaCare, and now gay marriage are all being imposed on the entire country against the will of the majority.

America is in the throes of tyranny, is in severe social and economic decline, and the only people standing against it are the most demonized people in the land.  Only 3% of the population fought in the Revolutionary War to cast off tyranny.  Now only 3% of the population fighting for gay marriage, that have already put businesses out of business for opposing it, are imposing tyranny on all Christians with the blessings of the president, the Supreme Court, and most of Congress.  Now that they have succeeded in overthrowing the laws of the Constitution, churches will now be targeted for destruction by Obama and his followers.

This past week seeing Obama and his ilk use the actions of one mentally unstable individual to cast down a part of America’s heritage, taking the Confederacy out of American history and calling for the people to be disarmed, removes any doubt of his intentions.  His support of the Muslim Brotherhood that has set the Middle East on fire through ISIS and Al-Qaeda, all three part and parcel of the resurging Islamic Jihad, along with his endorsement of China and India increasing their energy output and pollution without restraint while crushing America’s in the name of global warming, are all proof of his deceit.

Saying that the Islamic State is not Islamic falls on its face in the light of his giving Usama bin Laden an honorable burial with all Muslim funeral rites.  Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam calls for the American flag to be taken down, while Confederate paraphernalia is being abolished from the marketplace ISIS’ black flag of Islamic Jihad is being promoted.  Christianity is being taken out of government and schools and stands to be next while Islam is being promoted.  With the Democrats demanding the repeal of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, destroying everything that is good and righteous, tearing down American culture, if we aren’t in the End Days of the Bible we may certainly be in the end days of America as the land of the free and home of the brave.

Rush explains how the Left’s moral relativism is destroying American culture

{Author’s note: While writing this article I was more than gratified when I was finished to find that Rush Limbaugh said the exact same thing and did it better than I.  More proof that Rush knows the Left so well he can not only predict what they will do and how they will win, but can better explain why Republicans are so fearful of countering the deconstruction of Americanism.  The Left says they believe in freedom of choice, yet everything they do is imposing their minority morality and politics on the rest of the nation.  Star Trek’s George Takei said;

“I believe in religious freedom, and people who argue that are entitled to their freedom.  But they do not have the freedom to impose their religious values on to others.”

As Rush correctly points out, when gay couples go to bakeries or photographers, those people did not try to impose their religious values on gay couples.  Instead the gay’s imposed their morality on them rather than exercise their freedom to go to any business they wanted who would work with them!  This is only the latest victory for the Left in destroying Christianity and America, and they’re now ready to go after the Christian church itself to attack and dissolve those institutions.}

Calls to strip churches of tax exempt status after same sex marriage ruling

Democrats; dupes, delusionals, and deceivers – zombies to propaganda

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  1. Mike Schau says:

    What a wonderful site! I am a faculty librarian in a mid sized college in Florida and I see the wretched hand of liberalism everywhere. It is like we woke up and see the truth but the rest of the foolish country are sheep being led to slaughter, and I don’t use that word lightly.
    Mike S. in Florida


  2. ConcernedPatriot says:

    The “rainbow colors” blanketing the White House over that travesty of a Supreme Court decision which effectively nullified and overturned traditional marriage, can and should be seen as a symobl of dominance, supremacism, and conquest – in exactly the same manner as the hammer and sickle in Soviet satellite states during the Cold war; the Nazi swastika all throughout Europe in World War II (and especially it flying over Paris after Hitler’s Panzers invaded and conquered France); the Japanese “rising sun” flag during their period just before and during WWII, while they were committing mass atrocities all around the Pacific, from the Rape of Nanking to the Bataan Death March (with the attack on Pearl Harbor in-between all those); and in our time, the star and crescent of Islam, and now the ISIS flag. That decision was about completely overturning Judeo-Christian values and replacing them outright with immoral, subversive, paganistic, radical fringe Greenwich Village/San Francisco “values” of moral depravity and degradation, rooted in the bathhouses of those two poles, a handmaiden of tyranny, totalitarianism and primitive barbarism, and at one with Big Government and the designs of the New World Order. Such “values,” for example, call for what is deliberately misleadingly called “gay conversion therapy” to be totally outlawed (it speaks volumes that the LGBT mafia claims there’s no such thing as “ex-gays,” but in fact they see such people as the equivalents of apostates which, in Islam, is an act punishable by death), yet say nothing about – and in fact, advocate totally ramping up – the conversion of our children to homosexuality by proselytizers from groups ranging from NAMBLA to GLSEN to GSA who have unfettered access to classrooms in kindergarten, pre-K, and so on. (If trying to set kids on the straight and narrow is “gay conversion therapy,” then wouldn’t that make the process of helping people who wish to leave Islam, i.e. Fathima Rifqa Bary or Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “Islam conversion therapy”?) Small wonder that commentator Jeffrey T. Kuhner has branded the LGBT mafia as “worse than ISIS,” notwithstanding ISIS’ huge death count. If you ask, I can explain the differences between the Judeo-Christian values which have been the glue that has held societies together for eons and these Greenwich Village/San Francisco “values” that are (intentionally) tearing societies apart.


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