DNC – Democratic Naturalist Communist Party agenda


Socialists found a new home in the environmental movement from the 60s whereby they could transform America policy by stealth.  By duping the ignorant into believing they can “save the planet” by giving government power over them under Democrats, people are voting for Washington to tax away America’s wealth.  The capitalism that lifted billions of people out of poverty is being destroyed in order to put that wealth into the hands of a few in Washington, D.C.

“America needs new ideas, not the same old failed ideas.” – Barack Obama

There is nothing new in the ideas of Barack Obama.  He has amply proven that he is not a new kind of politician, but the oldest kind of demagogue.  He has amply proven that he doesn’t have new ideas to move America forward, but the same old socialist ideas that kept most of the people in Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America impoverished.

Capitalism, the system of economics and government that lifted two billion people into the Middle Class in the 20th century is being abolished in favor of the ideology that has impoverished and killed more people in the 20th century than in all of history.  The Communist Party has found a home in the environmental movement wherein people who are ignorant of science are easily duped into believing that mankind’s “pollution” can destroy the planet.  They appeal to people’s ignorance, greed, and envy to promote their agenda to fundamentally transform America from the greatest nation in history to another failed socialist experiment.

America’s Democratic Party has devolved from a Federalist ideology of federal government authority elected by the people to centralized dictatorial control imposed on the people.  The party of greed and envy is proving why the Founders didn’t make voting a right of anyone and everyone who could draw breath and punch a ticket.  As Ben Franklin expressed in his contempt for Democracy being better than a Republic;

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch.”

The half of America’s population who vote Democrat are voting for politicians who will steal from taxpayers and redistribute the prosperity for which those people worked to deadbeats who won’t work.  In the 21st century over 1/3rd of adults do not work a but make a living off of the various welfare systems that have been put in place by Democrats over the last century.  Democrats are using frauds of climate change, illegal immigration, and socialized medicine to convince people to give up their rights to a government that has no one’s best interests in mind except themselves.

Backdoor regulation to enact failed legislation:

Since Obama cannot pass legislation to take away American’s 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights, he is using government agencies to deny people their rights through backdoor regulation.  The FCC is abridging the right to free speech by taking control of the Internet and restricting content through new licensing.  People must pay and be licensed by the government before they can post on their blogs.

The ATF swallowed up a billion bullets in the last few years creating ammo shortages.  Now they are passing rules to directly outlaw ammunition for America’s most common rifle – the AR-15 – in order to disarm citizens.  This is always the second step in any socialist takeover.

Along with these the leftists in government use regulations to reduce the businesses whose owners support their opposition and then tax what they can away from the people.  Washington has become the richest city in the nation thanks to Democrat taxation, regulation, subsidies, and tax loopholes for their friends.  America is fast fading away from the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave to be changed into the Land of the Freeloader and Home of the Bums.

Socialism has ever been the ideology of dictatorial power over the people, which is why socialist countries build walls to keep people in while capitalist countries build walls to keep thieves out.  In 21st century America the thieves are voting for a government to steal from the people and establish a new socialist dictatorship.  When the thieves at the bottom of society can ally with thieves at the top who are in control it leaves the Middle Class between a rock and a hard place.

FCC Net Neutrality to abolish free speech on the Internet

ATF to ban AR-15 bullets

Environmental eco-terrorism committed against businesses

Making the IRS a terrorist organization

DNC agenda

  • Socialism promise Utopia
    • Socialist demagogues have promised Utopia forever, but socialism has only delivered misery and death wherever it has been enacted for the last century. It is no different than any authoritarian ideology in all of history.
  • Tax the rich
    • This is nothing more than wealth redistribution by stealing prosperity and achievement from those who work hardest to give to those who vote as slaves who want to live in luxury. “Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh
  • Global warming
    • Earth’s climate has varied from time immemorial and the only known factor causing that change has been solar output. The Sun is a stable source of heat, not a static one. But politicians have been duping the people into giving government more money and power “to save the world” through the public’s ignorance of science.  They begin with telling people that CO2 pollution is creating a “greenhouse bubble” that is heating the planet, and because most people are ignorant of elementary scientific facts, like the fact that CO2 is heavier than air, they believe whatever they are told.
  • ObamaCare control healthcare
    • This legislation is damaging insurance companies and America’s healthcare in the name of insuring those who don’t have insurance. By breaking America’s healthcare system with ObamaCare, Democrats are setting up America for socialized single-payer medicine where the government will be in control of your health.
  • Net Neutrality free speech
    • Unable to re-establish the Fairness Doctrine that was abolished under Reagan and led to the Silent Moral Majority finding a voice in the public forum, Democrats are trying to backdoor restrictions to free speech by establishing control over the Internet where free speech has mushroomed. They do this under the guise of saving people from lies and propaganda, but the truth is that they only want people to hear their propaganda, like the global warming fraud, and not the truth.
  • Gun control disarm militia
    • Every dictatorship knows that an armed citizenry is a danger to their rulership and must be neutralized. By allowing crime to run rampant, hamstring police while at the same time militarizing them, they work to convince the sheep to give up their sheepdogs so the wolves can rule.
  • Abortion depopulate blacks
    • Every policy promoted by Democrats in the last century has been to re-enslave the people who were unleashed by the abolition of slavery and promotion of civil rights. Not only blacks but all people who fall into the category of the greedy, envious, lazy poor who want to be rich without effort are lured into the trap of government welfare. Corrupted rights are the key to controlling people who want to be controlled.
  • Free immigration to collect benefits
    • Since the founding of America people have wanted to come here to live free, but Democrats figured out long ago that immigrants coming from a society controlled by the government can be willingly convinced to support the same kind of government in America. Immigrants who come to America to live as they did in their old countries do not assimilate to learn to be Americans, but to bring their own ideology to impose on those who actually do want to live free.
  • Attack Christianity
    • Gay marriage, Atheism, Islamism all have a common foe they want to bring down – Christianity. Over the last half century they have been succeeding, but their success has the same result that atheism and Islamism has always had throughout history. Billions of people have been slain and enslaved in the names of socialism and Islam.  Between these two ideologies ten times more people have suffered than under all ideologies in all of history combined.

Leftists base all their beliefs on false premises

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