Making the IRS a terrorist organization

AG Holder IRS investigation - AP photo

Obama’s attorney general, who has previously declared he will not uphold certain laws as well as committed atrocities in Operation Fast & Furious, says he will “investigate” the IRS, but no one is holding their breath.

If Koskinen is not held criminally liable for lying about losing data, discharged, fined, and sent to prison, then the IRS has no right to take any action against any American who tells them they lost their tax data on their computer.  Koskinen has sat in front of congressional investigators and lied through his teeth with an impudent grin as he told them the fairy tale of how emails were lost due to a computer crash.  80% of the country recognizes this bald-faced lie as they, too, use email and know that emails are saved on the multiple servers through which they pass, along with multiple back-ups, and not just on a single computer’s hard drive.

When Republicans asked if the information on Lois Lerner’s hard drive was recovered, as once again 80% of the people know that 99% of the time crashed hard drive information is easily retrievable, he answered, ‘no, the hard drive was “accidentally” destroyed for recycling and laughed.  When Republicans told him they know he is lying about not having the demanded data he very snottily huffed that no one has ever questioned his integrity.  Koskinen told investigators back in March that he would produce all of the information required, and then stupidly admitted that he knew of the “hard drive crash” months before.

Federal investigators say that Koskinen has broken the law by not informing them immediately that he lost any data.  The people are awaiting the congressional investigators to hold him in Contempt of Congress as was his predecessor, Lois Lerner, who claimed she did no wrong and then pleaded the 5th.  Both IRS commissioners should be going to prison for their crimes and abuse of taxpayers.  The IRS regularly terrorizes citizens for tax records dating back up to ten years and imprisons those who do not produce this data.

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