Liberal myths begin with ‘Democrats are for the little guy’

America fooled

The reality of Democrat ideology of Hope and Change is a policy of Dupe and Blame to fool voters about their agenda and blame Republicans for the damage Democrat policies do.

If there were the least little truth in the statement that “Democrats are for the little guy” then Obama and the Democrats would not have just stolen $8 trillion from taxpayers to feed to Wall Street as “quantitative easing.”  Democrats always say their programs are to help the people, but none of them have helped anyone except their rich friends who donated to get them elected.  Rather, they have all taken wealth out of the economy, away from businesses to reduce the amount they can pay their employees, and away from individuals limiting their financial growth only to enrich themselves.

Liberal media presented Obama as a new kind of politician when he is actually the oldest kind – the demagogue who promises the sun, the moon, and the stars, speaks in flowery, high rhetoric while offering nothing of substance.  He presents no new ideas of accomplishing any goal besides his own elevation through a popularity contest, and the confiscation of wealth from hard working Americans.  The New Deal, War on Poverty, Hope and Change are all Democrat code for stealing from the rich for their greedy constituents envious of those who achieve the greatest success.

From the beginning as Federalists, (who later became the Democratic Party) opposing Jefferson’s Democratic Republicans, (who later became the Whigs and then the Republican Party), Democrats have been the party that strived for government control, keeping slavery legal, and controlling the people by any means necessary to advance their power.  Democrat’s phony civil rights violations including: “He looks black,” “Hands up, don’t shoot,” “I can’t breathe,” Republican War on Women, and gay marriage are all scams to distract people from their actual agenda.  ObamaCare, global warming, and amnesty for illegal aliens are the Democrat policies being used to confiscate wealth from those who produce to give a pittance to the voter slaves they are creating while pocketing the rest.

Democrat leaders are not misguided, misinformed, of mistaken in their beliefs as the fruits of their labors attest.  They are the instigators, the propagandists, the architects of all the destruction that has occurred in the American economy and society over the years and they cast blame on Republicans with the help of the liberal media to distract fools from what they are actually doing!  Their latest bans on free speech on the Internet through new FCC regulations called Net Neutrality, and disarming citizens by banning bullets through ATF regulations are both meant to circumvent the 1st and 2nd Amendments to take away the people’s rights and establish a socialist dictatorship on America.  The coup to destroy America is well underway!

Liberal misconceptions about conservatives

DNC – Democratic Naturalist Communist Party agenda

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1 Response to Liberal myths begin with ‘Democrats are for the little guy’

  1. anonymous79 says:

    Manesseh has played the harlot once again! Ignorance is going to allow our great nation flowing with milk and honey to be destroyed by are enemies once again! “My people perish for lack of knowledge”!!


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