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Democrats cheer as liberal stupidity sweeps the nation

Leftist ideology has gone mainstream in the Democrat Party: FREE college and K-12 education FREE healthcare FREE money as “universal income” FREE entry into the USA FREE rights to take all the benefits for which American citizens work and sacrifice … Continue reading

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Democrat’s fake news that tax cuts must be paid for

Tax cuts do not “need to be paid for” by any group of taxpayers.  This is a leftist lie!  Tax cuts are required for America’s economy to truly grow because trade requires investment and government doesn’t create jobs or grow … Continue reading

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Democrats have a death grip on the economy

  Socialist economies are epic failures.  Leftists say capitalism only benefits the rich, but socialism benefits everyone.  No greater lie has ever been perpetrated on the ignorant. Hillary says she believes; “The economy should work for everyone, not just those … Continue reading

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How profits, taxes, and global warming science actually work

Without knowing how profits work in business or how politics work in global warming, young liberals enter the arena without defenses against leftist propaganda. How profits in business work Young liberals see how some older men are CEOs making million … Continue reading

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