Hillary would put Bill in charge of the economy

Hillary joke

Some are saying the devil you know in Hillary than the devil you don’t in Trump.  So they think it’s better to have the one you know is going to destroy the country rather than the one who might save it?  Talk about backwards liberal thinking!

Hillary says she’s going to put Bill in charge of the economy.  As she campaigns in her dull, listless, low-energy Jeb Bush style, all Hillary has to offer is that Trump is “dangerous.”  This is a rerun of the Carter campaign against Reagan as being a warmonger who would start WWIII.  But it has been Democrats policies, of which Hillary has been fully complicit over the last seven years, that have weakened America, choked her economy, and not only enabled a resurgence of the old Soviet Union, but unleashed the Jihad on the world!

Hillary and Obama haven’t made a truthful statement in their careers about helping Americans.  Every policy they have initiated from ObamaCare to illegal immigration to Islamic “refugees” has been to the detriment of this nation.  But whenever they admit they’re going to put someone out of business, like the coal industry, you can bet they mean it.  If Bill knows how to revitalize the economy then why haven’t Democrats done so, and why did he say if Obama couldn’t do it no one could?

The most amazing thing is that while Obama is saying that his economy is booming while Hillary is saying the economy is in the dumps, and no one in the liberal media is questioning these contentions.  Democrat voters are upset and may split the party themselves as Bernie supporters damn Hillary and the Super-delegates.  Some say they would vote for Trump over Hillary, but even this will probably not make up for the Republicans who will not support Trump over Cruz.

Bringing back the Clinton economy

Trump mocks Clinton and his “energizer bunny”

Liberal media announced they were sending an army of reporters to dig up dirt on Trump, but nothing about any of the scandals involving Hillary.

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1 Response to Hillary would put Bill in charge of the economy

  1. Fredroe says:

    I completely agree. I can’t imagine anyone voting for Hillary after eight years of Obama and her husband. She and Bill only want more power and money. Obama wants to leave some kind of legacy. I don’t think it’s any kind of legacy a sane person would want to be known for. I am a Cruz person, however, the voters have chosen Trump and I will definitely vote for him. NEVER HILLARY!


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