America’s 2nd Revolutionary War for Independence

If President Trump does not institute Martial Law to #StoptheSteal, what will Americans do if Democrats win their 2nd Civil War via an election rigging coup? What actions will patriots take if the Supreme Court does not stand behind President Trump to crush their election rigging coup? It took an invasion by Britain and a year of war before the nation came together to declare independence. Democrat communist fascists have been waging war in our streets for months, rioting, pillaging, looting, assassinating cops, and murdering citizens. Democrat tyrants in Congress have been looting the nation for decades as mobsters ruling over taxes and regulations and foreign governments by extortion, racketeering, and money laundering bribes. RINOs have assisted them to get a piece of the action. The patriotic members of Republicans in Congress have done their best to stand against them but have been largely silenced by the leftwing media propaganda machine. So, what will American patriots actually do if Democrats steal the presidency and use their power to destroy our Constitutional liberty?

That is a great question. Would fifty million patriots grab their guns and descend on Washington, D.C. to oust the usurpers and hang them in the streets? Would the military stand by the people or serve their new masters? Or would they sit back on their haunches and hope that they could someone, someway, someday overcome Democrat’s election fraud machine that will make them one-party rulers of the Amerikan socialist toilet? This wouldn’t be an invasion of America by Democrats like the British. Their criminal thugs have already been in our streets rampaging for years! What has been done to stop them? Democrat tyrants are shutting down businesses destroying our economy. Who has gone to their state capitols to eject them from office instead of relying on their ballots to overcome election rigging? Venezuelans didn’t rise up for twenty years until their country was completely destitute while their leaders wallowed in the billions they stole. What will it take for Americans to rise up against Democrat’s Amerika?

This is why 2020 and Donald Trump’s challenge to stop Democrat election rigging, and then to repair the nation’s election system is vital to our survival. What have Republicans been doing to be in this fight? The Proud Boys have engaged Democrat’s Antifa Nazis and BLM communists in street fights. The leftwing media smears them as white supremacists when their ranks are filled with minorities. Republicans move away from Democrats. We leave their cities and states for freedom. In response, Democrats import illegal aliens who love communism to replace us. Then they tax us more heavily to provide for them. They send some of their Democrats into our states to subvert our vote while giving citizenship rights and census validity to illegals. Republican conservatives rely on persuasion to fill our ranks by presenting people with the facts. Democrat liberals lie and smear those who tell the truth so they can coerce and bully people by force to submit to their rule.

So, if Democrats steal the nation, tax and regulate us to death, try to take our guns, what will we do? Liberals can’t be persuaded. They’re stupid! In the face of the outing of Democrats being in bed with Chinese spies, liberals prove their insanity by adhering to their beliefs that Trump is a Russian agent based on a phony dossier and expecting him to be convicted. They are hateful, violent, and fearful of the truth of righteousness. You can bet your soul that the conservative Supreme Court justices are all receiving death threats on their grandchildren to coerce them into not hearing the evidence of Democrat election rigging so that the left can declare it Constitutional. Should we create a new political party? What good would that do against the left’s lies and their mobster’s guns? The left never fights for truth. They believe that might makes right.

Do two-faced liberals think anything of their two-faced Democrat propaganda media that called stories about Hunter Biden “kook conspiracy lies” now saying it is all legitimate? No, because they are lemmings. This is how liberty dies, not with a bang but a whimper. The lying bitches in the media need to have their faces slapped and slapped again! Rub their noses in the muck they spew from their lying mouths! Donald Trump is the last best hope of saving the shining city on the hill, the light of liberty in the world. The natural order of the world is the negativism of tyranny over the masses as found in socialism. America is the great exception to history in that the people have a Constitution based on Christianity that makes government subservient to them. This has produced the most prosperous economy in world history.

The unfortunate side effect is that prosperity attracts the greedy who lie. These negative leftists steal from the positive patriots, e.g. Pelosi who says she’s been “fighting Chicom influence in America for thirty years” when she has been the one peddling it! They corrupt everything touch and liberals ruin everything that is good. They like to think we’re stupid. We know they’re stupid! They think they can fool all the people all the time by gaslighting us declaring there is no evidence by having courts refuse to hear it. But they have only succeeded in fooling some of the people all of the time because liberals are willfully dumb. The fault lies with the righteous because we have stood back and let this happen. We strove to live conflict free instead of fighting them. We foolishly listened their whines about how unfair it is to teach them morality, about “being fair,” “promoting tolerance,” “all being equal,” “free speech,” “and stopping tyranny.” They see tyranny as those of us who uphold the law against criminal insurgents.

No one should be free to promote crime and corruption. No one should be free to say police are tyrants for stopping criminals. The only people who do so are the criminals who forcibly take the rights of others. Preaching sedition is a crime that should be prosecuted. Democrats are forcing our young people to believe what is false. Democrats say, “You will pretend babies in the womb are not living human beings. You will pretend a man is a woman. You will pretend all white people are racists. You will pretend our Chicken Little cult is science. Or you will be cancelled.” You either submit to the left or be destroyed. They do not persuade based on the truth, morality, and validity of their facts. They coerce or force your compliance. They riot, loot, and burn and blame others for their violence. They punch people in the face and, when those people defend themselves, accuse them of starting a fight. This is Satanism.

We cannot separate from them. We cannot secede like the slaver Democrats of the South did in 1860. America isn’t just blue, red, and purple states. Leftists occupy all cities where they breed crime and corruption. The righteous live in the suburbs where we live moral Christian lives away from their evil. But they live among us, too, in the suburbs and rural “flyover” regions. Some in the suburbs and rural areas are fooled by charlatans and fakirs like Obama. Obama is a Moslem communist operating a shadow government attempting to undermine, sabotage, and overthrow our Constitutional republic. His goal is to transform America into a socialist dictatorship toilet via a coup with the help of their propaganda media.

Leftist media doesn’t report the news. They warp it. They don’t report what Republicans say. They mischaracterize it. They don’t want you to listen to Republicans. They tell you what they want you to think someone said. This is how they get their lemmings to believe that Sarah Palin said she can see Russia from her house, or that Donald Trump said white supremacists are fine people. Liberals are vacuous fools who believe pathological liars because they stroke their immature egos telling them they are intelligent critical thinkers. They are anything but! They don’t know events, science, history, civics, ethics, or even simple math.

Christianity is the backbone of American culture and they have been whittling it down with their immorality, atheism, anti-Americanism, Islamism, and outright God hate. They do it by misinformation, miseducation, propaganda, and brainwashing the ignorant. Islam forces their slaves to repeat the same phrase dozens of times, five times a day. The left is never right, and their thinking is always backwards from the truth. They believe lies are truth and right is wrong, that God is the oppressor and Satan the liberator. This evil has striven to rule over humanity since our inception. If Trump concedes then liberty dies with his presidency and America will become a nation in decline until we reach the point like Venezuelans to rise up when it’s too late.

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[Author’s Note: Why Martial Law? We are dealing with Democrats, leftists and liberal lemmings. The leftists are hateful, greedy, selfish people who don’t care about doing what is right for others. They only understand force and the threat of punishment when they get caught. They are using force to coerce and intimidate the righteous from our streets to our halls of power and the ballot box in between. We caught them cheating this election. Now they either get punished or they get away with it. When criminals get away with their crimes, they commit bigger crimes. They never quit. They only get worse. Their liberal lemmings are all stupidly operating under the delusion that they are fighting Nazi racists. They cannot be educated. The only way to deal with them, too, is by force. Slap them in the face and shove their lies down their throats.

Lincoln suspended the Constitution to fight our 1st Civil War to end slavery. Trump must do so now to win defeat Democrat’s 2nd Civil War to make everyone slaves. If Donald Trump does not use force, then he will lose this fight and America will lose her liberty. If the courts won’t present the evidence to the people, then Martial Law is required to bring the truth out about Democrat cheating this election and the coup they are attempting in their war against America. Barack Obama is leading a coup from the shadows because he is the worst of the worst. He pretends to be charming just as Lucifer does when he sets out to deceive and destroy people. He is a Moslem communist who hates Christian America and has been working to destroy us with the help of slavers and their dupes. Americans deserve better than to be subjugated under the totalitarian ideologues of the left. Socialist slavery should not be our fate. We have failed to fight to maintain our culture. This is the last chance we have to fight to save our culture. If we don’t fight now, then the fights for the future will be from positions of weakness rather than a position of strength.]

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