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Obama’s Deep State Corruption of the FBI

The FBI was sanctioned by Congress to operate as the nation’s premiere federal law enforcement agency.  The Director of the FBI answers to the DoJ, several congressional committees, and ultimately to the Commander-in-Chief.  But under Obama the FBI, like the … Continue reading

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CAESAR, Beware the Ides of March!  GOP Establishment turns on Trump

Establishment Republicans are joining with their Democrat buddies in launching an attack on Trump over Flynn that is meant to set up his impeachment.  Today is the Ides of February and Trump has yet to have his full Cabinet seated … Continue reading

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Trooth in media – Obama’s shadow government sabotage

Obama and his media are waging Jihad to sabotage Trump so that America will never be great again. Trump will never make America great again if Obama and his Democrat media have anything to do with it.  Before leaving office, … Continue reading

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