Liberal’s attention span and gun ignorance a symptom of their backwards thinking

“Great Britain and France don’t have mass killings like the U.S. because they don’t have guns.”  Not by guns, but by bombers at concerts, on trains with kettle bombs, and trucks driving through crowds.  So should the government outlaw kettle cookers and trucks?  It’s not the gun doing the mass murdering – it’s the leftist haters.

Liberals can’t remember what happened last week.  Whatever is happening today occupies all of their attention.  Just as the Democrat symbol of the Jack Ass represents their stubbornness and lack of attention, the symbol of the Republican elephant that never forgets reflects the sensible thinking of the Right.  The Left talks about Australia being the poster child for gun confiscation, but there have been a dozen mass murders there after the people were disarmed.  Now only criminals have the guns and the citizens live in fear of them.  Police may be minutes away but that’s small consolation when a criminal is seconds from killing you, and people with guns don’t normally give you time to make a phone call.

What new law do liberal Democrats propose that would have stopped the Vegas murderer?  It is already illegal to kill people, it’s already illegal to shoot people, it’s already illegal to own fully automatic weapons, it’s already illegal to use firearms from a building, it’s already illegal to discharge a firearm in city limits, and it’s already illegal to plan mass murders.  He passed background checks and bought all of his weaponry legally.  His every action was well planned and not the actions of a lunatic.  What new law do they propose that will stop a murderer that won’t make citizens more vulnerable to criminals and tyrants?  Murders are down the last twenty years, not because of Democrat gun laws restricting gun ownership, but because of Republican laws allowing citizens to be armed and use lethal force in self-defense.  Backwards liberal thinkers believe the murder rate is down thanks to law enforcement, but ignore the fact that it is down  despite there being many more guns sold legally.  If guns are the problem then why is this so?  The only law that needs enforcing is the rights of citizens to lethal self-defense.  But every time a citizen defends himself, Democrats launch an all-out war on that person to convict them as murderers!

What is the common denominator in every single incidence of mass murder, murders, police assassinations, and all gun crimes?  Every last one of the perpetrators has been a leftist; a criminal, a jihadi, a Democrat.  If you want a law to stop these crimes, then pass a law to disarm all of them and deny them access to weapons.  You won’t hear any of the late night talk show hosts advocating for that kind of good sense solution.  Instead, these pundits follow Hillary Clinton’s lead in using the grief and emotionally charged moments following a mass murder incident to happily bring up their demand that Republicans be disarmed.  No one demanded kettle cookers be outlawed and confiscated after the Boston Marathon bombing.  No one demanded trucks be outlawed after Nice and London Bridge.  No one is demanding knives be outlawed after the jihadi stabbing sprees.  It’s always Democrats who want good citizens to be stripped of their guns to leave them defenseless against their criminals.

Hillary gleeful over the slaughter of Trumptards in Vegas

Another jihadi racks up a body count, Obama to absolve Islam, blame guns

Those who live by the gun and Islamic law

Automatic weapons were made illegal decades ago.  That’s because criminals in the 1920s were running around with .45 caliber Thompson submachine guns with 100 round drums while cops had five shot .38 pistols.  Contrary to Hillary Clinton’s lies, the NRA does not advocate for weapons to murder people.  Gun enthusiasts who like the thrills of shooting weapons on ranges just want to play with them.  It is only criminals, i.e. leftists, aka Democrats, who would use them to commit crimes and commit murder.  So if you would make America safe then take guns away from Democrats and put them in the hands of Republicans.  When Democrats commit murder then make the punishment far more extreme.  Murder has skyrocketed thanks to the Democrat’s war on drugs, outlawing people’s fun, and encouraging drug lords and gangs to wage war on our streets.  Democrats create the carnage and their solution is always to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.  It is Democrats who say criminals are victims of society when it is good members of society who are the victims of criminals.  Criminals are parasites, scavengers, and predators who find it easier to take what they want from those who work to make it.  Democrats have exacerbated crime ever since they got control of government in 1912 and the nation has suffered for it ever since.  Their cities they have controlled for decades are cesspools of crime and corruption.  Don’t be deceived by their phony compassion and advocating for making America safe by making you weak.  Make America safe by eliminating Democrats in government.

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1 Response to Liberal’s attention span and gun ignorance a symptom of their backwards thinking

  1. Keith says:

    It isn’t just that our youth isn’t being educated, brainwashing has removed their common sense.
    TV and leftist media propaganda get all the attention and reinforced by late night comedian’s posing as news disseminators.

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