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The Only Conservative Lobby that Counts!

Conservatives used to have a big lobby in conservative media, but many of them have become NeverTrumpers and now stand with Democrats against us!  These false prophets have been exposed along with the communist agenda of the left.  We still … Continue reading

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Shades of Sharia – Democrat Socialists Embrace Islamic Evil

Liberal Democrats are saying they would rather have their daughters be raped and murdered by MS-13 gangs than date a Trump supporter.  Shades of Islam!  This is the same as honor killing, a sickness of Islamic law that gives the … Continue reading

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The Liberal Code of Conduct

Radical liberal activists believe that the 1st Amendment gives them the right to piss in the faces of their employers.  NFL players and the leftwingnut media think they have a right to stage their protests on the playing field owned … Continue reading

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Strength and weakness of Obama’s soul on banning guns and national defense

Mr. Obama shows his strength of resolve when he threatens an Executive Order to ban guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens.  At the same time as he acts to strip Americans of their protection, Obama denounces Putin’s attacks in … Continue reading

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ISIS growing because of lack of jobs according to Obama

Islamic Jihadis conduct mass beheading of Egyptian Christians, and the Obama State Department makes a statement that they are not Jihadis, just jobless people with nothing better to do that we should treat with kindness. According to statements made by … Continue reading

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