Obama says America would be safer if white people didn’t own guns


Liberals convinced President George H.W. Bush to do two incredibly stupid things; one was to break his promise and raise taxes, which they hanged on in the next election, second was to enact “gun-free zones,” where citizens would be guaranteed to be disarmed so criminals and psychotics would be safe.

When Christians are murdered in America, Obama makes it all about him and the evils of white people owning guns.    Obama would have Americans ban the kinds of guns that are used in mass shootings by psychotics, which is essentially all rifles and pistols.  He then stood up tall and proud before the American people and told the fools who voted for him that government gun laws have made places like the south side of Chicago safer – the place where the highest murder rate by illegally possessed guns is the greatest.  (The first thing every socialist dictator did on seizing power was to disarm the citizens and make them slaves to the state.)

Obama, who sent WH representatives to the funerals of criminals like Michael Brown, and attended the memorial service for black Christians murdered in South Carolina, was a no show at the one for white Christians murdered in Oregon.  Just as no WH rep went to the funeral of Kate Steinle who was murdered by an illegal immigrant felon, Obama’s agenda to promote criminals over America’s citizenry, especially if they’re white, is proof of his racist bigotry and contempt for white people.  Most sadly of all is that murders under Obama’s watch by Moslem terrorists, black criminals, illegals, and psychotics are reaching epidemic proportions and his solution, that law-abiding citizens be disarmed, is promoted by same leftwing fools who put this anti-American bigot into power.

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1 Response to Obama says America would be safer if white people didn’t own guns

  1. lololol says:

    really? when did he say this? no video. no proof. no evidence. looks like more fear mongering properganda from the right. oh, did obama take americas guns like you claimed he would? lolol


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