Do Trump, Republicans, and Rush truly understand the grave danger of this election?

One of Rush Limbaugh’s guest hosts, Todd Herman, spoke with a caller who expressed his dismay that allowing Democrats to steal this election through their Marxist Revolutionary coup would end America’s election system. He doesn’t seem to understand the half of it when he told the caller that he should become a political activist enlisting his friends to fight for 2022 and 2024. If Democrats successfully steal the presidency this year with their anonymous mail-in ballot fraud, then in the coming years when they add tens of millions of illegal aliens to the voting rolls and allow even more mail-in ballots, Republicans won’t know what hit them as they are swept from office and all possibility of them being elected in the future goes down the toilet.

Throwing Gen. Flynn to the wolves was probably Trump’s greatest error at the beginning of his presidency. Republicans are in prison over the bogus Russian collusion fraud, while Democrats who have committed crimes from spying on Trump’s campaign, to media propaganda and censorship, to impeaching him over a lie, and now stealing the election through ballot rigging, and not one Democrat has even been charged for their crimes, let alone prosecuted and imprisoned. If Democrats are allowed to steal this election there won’t be any effective dissent to Democrats in the future. They will hold all the power. Expecting them to investigate their own election rigging is like believing Al Capone would righteously investigate his own tax evasion.

Biden successfully stealing the presidency is only the half of it. There will be no more Republican opposition besides bleating and whining for one very simple reason. Republicans will be rendered impotent and their supporter’s resistance rendered futile. Democrats will control elections and their voter fraud machine they used to steal the presidency will be used to take all power from Republicans. If they can steal the presidency, then they can steal any seat down ballot when they have control of the government. The public forum will become an echo chamber for dissidents under a communist regime that will squash them into silence as all totalitarian communists do. Elections will be an exercise in futility as they throw out Republican ballots and stuff the ballot box with Democrat ballots. The Moral Majority will be rendered silent forever.

A caller tried to explain this to Todd Herman. He was slapped down by a fellow who, as a cocky man, got a powerful politician voted out of office. That America won’t exist. Free and fair elections with just enough voter fraud to give Democrats the edge that can be overcome will be gone. The ballot box stuffing will be massive like this year’s. There won’t be an election anywhere of significance in the country that Democrats will lose. American elections will become like elections in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Iran under the Ayatollahs, Russian under Putin, and China under Xi Jinping. They won’t make the mistake like Maduro in Venezuela allowing dissidents to win and have to fight them off.

This outcome cannot be averted by protests, court, or Congress. It will require military force. When criminals control the courts and the lawmakers there can be no justice. Only armed conflict will resolve this. If Donald Trump doesn’t understand this then he is in for a hard fall. Pelosi will use a military coup to remove him from office and stop all investigations into Democrat election rigging and all their crimes. They will put Republicans in prison. Understanding that President Trump has a right as Commander-in-Chief to enforce Constitutional laws by invoking the Insurrection Act and Martial Law is essential to citizens. Such action is not only required but absolutely lawful. He will be America’s last hope to re-establish our laws over free and fair elections that Democrats have utterly corrupted or America will fall.

[Author’s Note: Democrat’s continue their Big Lie campaign that “there is no evidence of voter fraud.” Their idiot liberals parrot them saying courts have said there is no evidence when they have not. Their understanding of how the law works is as vacuous as their understanding of science, history, politics, and simple math. Refusing to hear a case has nothing to do with the evidence. Courts say that suits must be filed in a timely manner or not be heard. Their claim that Republicans should have filed against Democrats changing election laws when they did so is their excuse. But filing then when no crime had been committed, only a usurpation of authority for which there is no crime on the books, would have resulted in courts legitimizing Democrat’s usurping lawmakers of states legislature’s authority. Now that a crime has been committed, courts are refusing to hear evidence over a technicality that Democrats are using to obstruct justice. American’s cannot allow this to become law. If it does then the only recourses left will be secession or revolution.]

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1 Response to Do Trump, Republicans, and Rush truly understand the grave danger of this election?

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    That is exactly my belief, if they are successful with stealing this election through rigged vote counting machines, computer generated votes some of which may very well have been in favor of Biden cast by the deceased, whether by forgers or computer there were 1,000s of votes cast by those from the great beyond.

    Think about the new and innovative ways they will have devised by the time 2024 rolls around, members of the U.S.C.P. will murder, steal, cheat, lie do whatever is necessary to maintain complete control over the people.


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