What to expect if Trump surrenders

None of us know what Donald Trump will do on January 20, 2021. Will he take a stand against the Democrat’s coup? Or will he step down and surrender American sovereignty to the communists? We know what will happen if Democrats take power. They will make anonymous mail-in ballots the law. They will give citizenship and tax benefits to all invading illegal communists from south of the border. They will reduce police protection, disarm citizens by eliminating ammunition supplies, cripple the military in the same way, and empower criminals and terrorists to be the wolves that keep the sheep in line while they eliminate the sheepdogs. They will surround themselves with mercenaries. Their propaganda media will go into overdrive as they crush all who speak the truth. The economy will tank as more and more people are put on welfare so they can justify confiscating wealth through severe taxation. There won’t be a 2024 for any Republicans. The only saving grace of this is that the liberal fools who voted for this will suffer the most.

Think you can escape? Those fleeing New York and California are being taxed for moving to other states! Democrats will tax those of us living in red states to pay for the debt and destruction they have created in their own corrupt blue states. Think you can put your trust and faith in Democrats to investigate election fraud and government corruption? Think that President Biden will investigate his son and family to uncover their crimes? He would do a Comey-style investigation destroying evidence and expunging crimes to exonerate his own criminal corruption. Joe is as honest and honorable as the leftwing messiah who believes in Allah making Jesus a good martyr. (He’s even better than him according to their swing state anonymous mailed in ballots.) China will not pay for infecting the world. They will own us!

Ask these Democrat elites fleeing their blue state’s high taxes if they will be voting for Democrats in the red states to which they move? Are they smart or are they stupid people who will vote for the same people to raise their taxes in their new homes? Ask any liberal if Democrats improve the lives of minorities in their states and cities with their social justice programs? You might get a lemming’s answer from those who grow up in affluent homes parroting Democrat propaganda. Ask Democrats if their socialism will make America a Utopia or a Venezuelan Hell? Liberals, do you ever listen to what these people actually say and pay attention to what they do? They say they will tax the rich, but they will also tax the poor. What do you think the ObamaCare penalty tax was about? Poor people were taxed for medical insurance they couldn’t use or even afford to buy. They want to take funding from police and the armed forces for their social programs. They think they will make America better and safer by removing our protections from criminals and countries that hate us and want to destroy us.

You don’t think they’ll really do it? They’ve already done it! You liberals are just too oblivious to realize it. They’re defunding police now and the murder rates in their cities has already doubled. Obama already disarmed our military leaving them with no ammunition when Trump took office. His regime bought up billions of dollars in ammo early on so citizens wouldn’t have any. Democrats fully intend on implementing their campaign to disarm citizens. They won’t have to seize guns if they eliminate ammunition. They will tax every gun owner to confiscate their wealth thereby stealing from those who try to protect themselves and giving that money to deadbeats and criminals. They will steal for the criminals to protect the criminals from justice because they own those thugs. This is what Democratic socialism is all about. Liberal idiocy: “You’re calling business owners and employees who need bailouts ‘criminals!’” No, I’m not. Your dysfunctional mind warped what I said.

How stupid does a person have to be to not see through their façade of caring about the poor and oppressed? Does even a dim light come on when Democrats say there was no election rigging in 2020 but Russia stole it in 2016? Never in their history have Democrats ever done anything for the poor except smear Republicans with false allegations. Leftists always paint the righteous as being what they themselves are by holding up a mirror and declaring they see through it. American liberty is on the brink of destruction and the courts are so corrupted and fearful of leftist riots and retaliation that they won’t rule on election rigging. Only Martial Law will keep Democrats from completing the steal of the election and making America into a socialist dictatorship and her citizens into subjects and slaves. This 2020 election is do or die for the America we love that gives her people freedom to prosper. Liberals will not benefit from a socialist dictatorship. They will be the first enslaved.

[Author’s Note: Liberals think a court refusing to hear evidence is the same as innocence. They understand the law as well as they understand science, history, and simple math. Only fools believe what liars tell them. And only oblivious idiots can’t tell the difference between truth and lies in the face of evidence. Leftists want all people to be the masses of sheeple ruled by elites. This is why they endorse communism and Islamism. If they can’t make you worship the state, then they’ll brainwash you to worship a false god. Liberals think they’ll have it good if minorities rule over them. They think they’ll be safer if police and the military are disarmed. After the criminals get through with them in their corrupt cities, we will only have the satisfaction of knowing that when China decides to nuke America out of existence that it will be those cities where they live that will burn! Pray that President Trump will fight, or will he leave millions of American patriots to die in the next revolution?]

The Plot to Steal America

(This documentary has been labelled “misinformation” by Big Tech)

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) slanders voters as seditionists for questioning Democrat’s “free and fair election” (Democrats say they won the election and we should all accept they stole the election fair and square and just transition peacefully or we’re traitors)

I submitted this letter to Rush:

Rush, you and I both know that there is no way the courts will throw out ballot fraud and that Democrats will not abort their steal even if they have to enact a military coup to throw Trump out of the White House. The only question is; will Donald Trump invoke Martial Law to stop the steal or will he surrender? I understand he’s not going to broadcast his plans. I just pray he understands that this will not end peacefully. Either he stands up to fight for us using the full power of government behind him or we will end up fighting in the streets against the government somewhere down the road when it will cost us dearly.

All Eyes on Congress as Lawmakers Vow to Oppose Electoral Votes

Trump Is Ill-Served by Advisers Pushing Him to Concede, Former Overstock CEO Says

Leftists go berserk at Gen. Flynn’s suggesting Martial Law to redo election without Democrat’s rigging (Democrats have been wargaming a military coup if President Trump refuses to surrender to their cheating the election)

Beijing ‘Substantially Involved’ in US 2020 Election, China Analyst Says (Suddenly, Russian hacking is the most important story in leftwing media)

Barr: ‘No Basis’ for Federal Government to Seize Voting Machines (All the more reason to seize all voting machines)

Medical Ethics ‘Expert’ Says Unvaccinated Persons Should Be Denied Healthcare for COVID-19 (The Scarlet ‘V’ is not far away)

GUILTY: Scared Democrats Begin Accusing Vote Fraud Whistleblowers of ‘Sedition and Treason’

Former Wisconsin Judge: ‘Our Court System Has Been Deeply Intimidated by the Left’

YouTube Removes Trump Lawyer’s Opening Statement From Senate Committee Hearing

Newsmax Caves to Dominion and Smartmatic Following Legal Threats

Will you stand with Trump if he invokes Martial Law to STOP the STEAL?

Trump’s Russian Collusion vs. Democrat’s Election Rigging

The 2020 Election Investigation Reveals Democrat’s Communist Plot

Martial Law or the Death of Liberty

Democrats tell Republicans to keep quiet and lose

Election Rigging Must Not Rule

If Trump Concedes, America Dies

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  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Progressives are afflicted with the symptoms of such an intense form of psychosis that death is the only cure for it, and to prevent the spread of their deadly disease they need to be banned from invading parts of the nation where the genuinely cognizant patriots reside, the only way to carry on a debate is between fairly mentally sound individuals a fairly mentally stable person trying to get a “Crazy” to consider a viewpoint other than their own is a complete waste of energy.

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