2020 Year in Review

This year has seen America’s divisions come to the fore of politics. It is right vs. left, citizens vs. the mob, conservative Christians vs. liberal atheists & Islamists, free capitalism vs. communist fascism, liberty vs. slavery, educated knowledge vs. indoctrinated propaganda, truth vs. deceptions, courage vs. fear, responsibility vs. blame, compassion vs. greed, love vs. hate. Democrats are trying to make this a black vs. white war. We are seeing a rerun of the Fall of the Roman Republic in the fall of the American republic. President Trump won a massive victory that is being stolen and Washington swamp rats. They are sitting back watching him be assassinated by this coup. They do this because they believe they can prosper better without his interference, without him forcing them to work for the people rather than feeding their own greed.

Democrats began the year with an impeachment of the president as phony as the Russian collusion that fell apart in an ash heap. As they were doing this, China infected the world with a new flu virus. Democrats exacerbated this disease by putting infected people into nursing homes to kill old people denying them life-saving medication. They put them on ventilators while their infected lungs filled with fluid and killed them. They went on from there to pick the worst possible candidate from a huge field of losers to run for president. Joe Biden would spend the next six months campaigning from his basement while Democrat thugs took to the streets to riot, loot, pillage, and murder.

President Trump would make the only great mistake of his presidency by shutting down the economy to slow the spread. Democrats would use this as an opportunity to destroy the great economy he had fostered by terrorizing the people pretending Covid was Ebola. As the people suffered from Covid terrorism, street thugs, and economic recession, Democrats would blame Trump for everything. Despite their media propaganda, the people knew the truth. As the election loomed, the people would flock to Trump’s banner. Democrats would insist that they must use mail in balloting for safety’s sake. This would set them up for the greatest election fraud in history sending out ballots to be returned anonymously. With the help of RINOs and activist judges throwing up roadblocks to keep Republicans from making certain of the election’s integrity, 2020 is the Year of the Steal by Democrat’s greatest fraud.

Democrats would use a combination of corrupt voting machines from communist countries run by Dominion that would allow them to flip votes electronically. Plus, they changed election law on the fly to allow adding ballots after Election Day. This would give them the additional ability to observe Election Day returns and calculate what was needed to overturn any election they lost. What they did not expect was the vast number of people voting for Trump. Their machines did not have a great enough margin for this. This caused them to shut down counting ballots on election night and draft hundreds of thousands of new phony ballots with only Biden’s name checked off on them. This resulted in their casting twice as many ballots as registered voters in some city districts. President Trump immediately challenged these results causing the media to falsely declare that Biden won as the president elect. Now Democrats threaten the lives of anyone who would investigate to determine the integrity of the election.

Exposing democrat election fraud, combined with their media propaganda and street thugs, would result in a Supreme Court battle for the soul of America. Democrats are screaming that Trump is trying to steal the election by claiming Democrats are stealing the election. They say there is no evidence and no way by which an election can be stolen via election fraud. They say this with straight faces after spending the last four years screaming that Donald Trump stole the 2016 election through Russian election fraud. My how they tide has turned. The closer we get to exposing them, the more shrilly Democrats scream “liar!” Those who know leftists see right through their usual deception of blaming their victims complaining that those they rape should be grateful enough to lay back and enjoy it.

Judge Jeanine Pirro throws Democrat’s tantrums back in their faces

[Author’s Note: This year has been insane, but it is all exposed as it culminates in this effort by the left to steal the presidency from Trump before he wrecks their dreams of dominance in the New World Order. Democrats are calling for their people to move to Georgia temporarily to vote in the special election for the two senate seats. Does that sound like a people who are forthright and honest? Or does that sound like a people who are willing to cheat by any means to win? Democrats believe they are justified in cheating because they believe they are fighting evil racist Nazis rather than against American patriots. What kind of stupid do you have to be to believe that Republicans could hold the Senate, gain seats in the House, gain state legislatures, and Trump gain ten million more votes than last time and be voted out in favor of Biden? When has such a thing ever happened in all of American history? NEVER!

Democrats demand the Trump team show their evidence and keep declaring they have none just like Schiff who kept claiming he had proof of Russian collusion when he had nothing but lies. They are not stupid, but wise. They are not going to fight this battle in the court of public opinion as that would just forewarn their opponents what they will bring to court. This isn’t just an attempt to steal the election. It’s also an effort to once again delegitimize Trump’s presidency through new claims of collusion. Those of the left who fathered this deception by which liberals are deluded know they are fighting to enslave the greatest free nation in the history of the world under the communist yoke. The root of this duplicity that put thugs on our streets, corrupted every level of our government, twisted our educational system, and instigated this coup attempt to overthrow America can all be traced back to the Moslem communist that Democrats stupidly made leader of the free world and who now resides in Washington, D.C. from which he subverts and sabotages our country.

Gaius Julius Caesar’s greatest error was his hubris. His first great error of hubris was that he believed only he could lead Rome back to freedom and prosperity so wanted to be made Emperor of Rome. His second was that he did not purge his enemies from government because he believe he could win them over with his brilliant ideas. Those enemies, like today, consisted of two groups; those who openly opposed him wanting Rome’s elites to rule as nobles like American Democrats do today, and those who worked within his own faction to undermine him like RINOs do to Republicans. These leftists and their wolves in sheep’s clothing sabotage the nation to do the work of Democrats and would be the first to stab Caesar in the back as he confronts his opponents. The NeverTrumpers are begging people to help them win the senate seats in Georgia even though they have spent the last four years promoting Democrats to unseat Trump, not because they would stand with him, but to help themselves to power.

The Dominion perpetrators of this vast election fraud are disappearing in hopes that if no proof of their complicity with Democrats is presented that their crimes will go unpunished. This is the leftist way, the Democrat way. Commit a crime and deny having done so by concealing the evidence of their guilt as much as possible and blaming the opposition. Criminals never confess their guilt. They blame others. This is the Science of Thieves. They lie, cheat, steal, and kill by blaming the righteous as being worse than themselves because it is the righteous who would stop them from doing harm to the innocent. Donald J. Trump is the leader of the righteous. This election will be thrown into chaos as Democrats wanted, but I doubt the result of having state legislatures controlled by Republicans selecting the next president will be to their liking. President Trump needs to purge the election system they have corrupted and help the people re-establish control over Washington to crush these bureaucratic slavers.

As a final note, leftists call Trump a “reality star acting like president” as if what he has done is not restore American greatness. Gov. Cuomo of NY has been running his own TV show about how great he has been leading his state when he has the worst record on Covid of all states. He is being awarded a phony Emmy for his performance on television. The left used to say the same things about Ronaldus Magnus and Barack Hussein Obama. Here is a clear example of the difference between the right and left. The right does while the left pretends. Cuomo, like Obama, was a great pretender and the propaganda ministry of the left twisted the truth to dupe their liberal lemmings. The only way to know someone is if you pay attention to what they do not just to what they say, and don’t believe what others tell you about someone else without learning the facts for yourself.]

The Trump Card – Dinesh D’Souza

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: ‘President Trump Won by a Landslide, We Are Going to Prove It’

Fireworks Between Tucker Carlson and Sidney Powell

Jenna Ellis Schools the Media

The Republican Establishment Swamp Rats Want Trump to Save the GOP in Georgia (These anti-Trump Republicans who want to the people to save them while sacrificing Trump will not have our support to save those Senate seats for them. We won’t sabotage ourselves over them but will save those Senate seats for restoring President Trump’s re-election and then have him purge the rest of the establishment out of Congress. Nothing was more disappointing to Republican voters than the fifty-five Republicans we thought were loyal to us abandon the party in the midterms and give control of the House to Democrats. All of Washington’s swamp rats need to be purged if America is to be saved from the left.)

Whitlock’s Blockbuster Column on White Liberals and the Worship of Blackness

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Fireworks Between Tucker Carlson and Sidney Powell

Dominion Fails to Appear at Pennsylvania Hearing

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Democrat’s denial that we see them cheating doesn’t make them right – #StoptheSteal

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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