Democrats call for unity, healing, and submission to their dictates

In my lifetime I have learned a great deal about Democrats. They are the party that wanted to have a king and keep the abolition of slavery out of the Constitution. They are the party that has corrupted our society to subvert unions into mobster cash cows, and perverted our culture to be anti-white, anti-Christian bigots. I have learned that there are two qualities that it takes to be a liberal of which we were all one when we were young. Those two qualities are character traits that they lack. Liberals can be intelligent, but they are only liberals because they lack knowledge and a moral compass.

An educated liberal becomes a conservative. A moral liberal becomes a Christian. Liberals who are devoid of morals and remain ignorant to history and American politics adhere to liberalism late into life. The people who spent four years rejecting President Trump and striving to overturn the election by any foul means they could conjure up now want Republicans to bow to them. They say we should learn to behave with acceptance and tolerance and lose with grace as they have for the past four years. ROTFLMAO! Liberals believe their cheating the nation should be considered a blessing because they believe their crimes are justified.

How about we give Democrats the same treatment they have given us for the past four years? I hope President Trump overturns this election and shoves their lying, two-faced hypocrisy up their bums till they choke on it! Who do they think they are fooling besides themselves? Lincoln was right when he said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time,” and those people are liberals. Just because they woke up to something different, they don’t remember what happened yesterday, last week, or for the last four years. They have already forgotten that the spent four years smearing Trump as a racist Nazi who had Russian help stealing the 2016 election. Despite all of that being proven to be nothing but Democrat lies, they think we, too, will forget. They don’t remember the reason for their hate. They just live with hate in their hearts and think they are loving, compassionate, fair-minded people. Two-faced self-delusion is the cornerstone of liberalism.

Biden says he is done with Trump’s America First ideals. “It’s not America alone,” he says as if that makes it true. If it is possible to reason with a liberal, then it is possible to teach them to overcome their unfounded beliefs. But most liberals lack the essential psychological tools to critically examine any facts. They glom onto whatever triggers their emotions and refuse to accept any fact that proves them wrong. Their immature egos reject facts that cause them to feel they are mistaken. Democrats use this to their advantage by misinformation and misdirection to warp their minds and corrupt their hearts. Actors tend to be liberal because they rely on emotional memory for their craft. Athletes follow because they are not known for their towering intellects. Soldiers deal in the reality of dangerous situations where emotional outbursts can kill you so tend to be conservative.

America First does not mean America Alone and never has just as Republicans are not racist Nazis but their opposite. Democrats are the racist Nazis who have concealed this truth through lies, deceptions, and smears of the righteous. They are the darkness, the wolves that pull the wool over the eyes of the naïve and unwary. America’s leaders putting America first is how leaders care for the American people as leaders of any nation do who put the welfare of their own people first. That doesn’t mean abandoning your allies. This is just as each of you should put the welfare of your family and friends first. Taking care of strangers only comes when a family is compassionate. Each of us is not called upon to care for strangers over our family. To neglect your own children while caring for a stranger is not being a family and not compassion. To elevate a stranger whose character is unknown to you over your friends is to invite danger into your midst.

Likewise, countries work with their friends to benefit and protect each other. Enemies are kept at bay by this unity. Democrats do the opposite. Their idea of unity is servitude. Their deception is that they are being compassionate to their family as they steal from them and stab them in the back. They justify their hateful actions by blaming their subjects, their children, for the ills they create for themselves. Democrats don’t care for America first. They blame America first. This has been their mantra for the past fifty years. They have taught America’s children to hate America by corrupting the educational system to indoctrinate them into the ideology of America’s greatest enemy – the anti-Christian, anti-liberty ideology of socialism.

Socialism is not born of family. It is the ideology of slavers wherein the elites rule over the masses. It is a ruling oligarchy in which the elites prosper at the expense of the people making them all peasants to serve the nobles. Its subdivisions are the worst ideologies of history: Imperialism, feudalism, communism, fascism, national socialism, and the so-called religion of Islamism. All of these are leftist ideologies that institutionalize the masses serving the elites through indoctrination, conditioning, and oppression. The people are kept in thrall and taught from childhood to betray their family and friends to the state. We see this in America today as the Democrat Party warps the minds and corrupts the hearts of our ignorant youth. This is why it is imperative to teach your own children morals. If they learn from the state, they learn wrong.

Democrats will not and never have united this country. They have kept America divided. The eight years of Obama did not eliminate the racial divide but made it worse, not by inciting anti-black racists against good black people, but by inciting anti-white racists against good white people. Do you hear any member of BLM saying that white people are good? No, they say white people are genetically racist. Do you see any member of the Republican Party rioting in the streets? No, you see Democrats looting, burning, and murdering. Liberals see the opposite of reality as true. These are the delusions that Democrats have inculcated into the psyche of uneducated people. This is how they generate hatred for righteousness. They blame the ills of the world they create on God by telling the people that God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator. Those who did not learn the truth as children are easily duped as adults.

The first step to wisdom is learning to recognize truth from fiction. Ignorance is the playground of the Devil. Only by educating the people can you separate those who have wicked hearts from those who are foolish. A fool can learn not to be a fool, but a thief cannot learn to share. The degree of people’s morality is the measure of their heart. It is not possible to be compassionate for someone if you hate others without reason. The irrational hatred of leftist liberal Democrats is the foundation of their souls that blinds them to the truth. It is how they are easily manipulated by false information created by false accusations. They convict the innocent without trial based on false allegations because their hearts are filled with darkness. Only by coming into the light and admitting the truth can they be redeemed. Those who believe that Democrats never commit voter fraud even as they do so, while convicting Republicans of voter fraud based soley on their false indictments, don’t do so from hearts of justice, but from wicked hearts that justify their crimes.

Biden says America is “rejoining the global community.” That is his signal that America is open for being exploited by her enemies once again so long as they grease the palms of Democrats. He will rejoin global organizations like the Paris Climate Accords and World Health Organization that are used to siphon money from American taxpayers to countries that hate us, steal trade from us, wage war on us, and send us terrorists. Biden will make China great again and Democrat politicians will profit. America’s only hope is that President Trump refuses to surrender to their election tampering the way all other Republicans have always done. Most are unwilling to fight the corrupt judicial system amidst Democrat smears and witness coercion using their mobster tactics. But Trump will fight to the finish. Once he wins, he must continue the fight down the ballot to save all the Republicans that Democrat election fraud has cheated of their rightful seats and reform their corrupt system. If he fails, then liberty fails.

[Author’s Note: So, FOX News has not been ultimately corrupted. Their Big Three, Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham, all scoffed at media’s acclaim of Biden as “president-elect.” They continue to highlight the vast degree of Democrat voter fraud and American’s hopes that the Supreme Court will overturn these frauds. Liberals who believe this was not an election of their hate for Trump against Republicans love of this country are only fooling themselves. President Trump’s legal teams have an uphill battle as they fight to get past liberal judges who throw out their cases with prejudice on the basis of their Democrat affiliations rather than the law. This fight is not over by a long shot and will be weeks in the process. Expect Democrats to delay until after Inauguration Day and then watch Pelosi and Biden try to enact a military coup. If Democrats are allowed to win then America will be lost. If that happens, I won’t bother following any news or elections after this as they will all be nothing but corruption and I will not follow them into Hell.]

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